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My KDS 55A3000 is lovely, but I believe it bumps all HD content up to 1080p and I have issues with BBC video/2 Entertain's crummy 1080i Doctor Who & Torchwood Blu-rays.

There's always a frame stutter every once and awhile usually around bits of fast motion. For example, a shot of two characters in the Tardis talking will play fine, but if a character makes a quick move, reacting to an off-screen sound, or quickly moves to pull a lever, it's as if a few frames are jumped over, making the movement very jerky and unnatural.

All movement enhancers, noise reducers, and 1080/23p settings are turned off on the set itself, and I've tried using every output setting on the Playstation 3 to remedy this. Having the Playstation output 1080i only helps, but I'm wondering if it's possible that the set is bumping it up to 1080p as part of the issue.

With a few 1080i silent films coming out (they need to be 1080i to make them able to display at 18 or 20fps), I want to find a way to lick this problem...

FYI, I have no issues with 1080i output from the Cable box... only these bloody BBC Blu-rays!

Thanks all!