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compatible remote codes for NEC XM29??

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My Comcast remote doesn't show remote codes for NEC monitors. Are they any compatible brands to try?
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I'm pretty sure no code will work... remember this is a professional monitor.. not a consumer tv. Try the code search function with a universal remote. If u manage to close the monitor, use the code retrieval function found on most universal remotes to know which brand of tv uses the NEC code and then program it into your Comcast remote.

Good luck

neccrttv -- proud owner of a XP37 Xtra

by the way, do u use it in 720p? how's the picture ?
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Interesting enough the little DTA remote has a code that turns it on and off and changes the volume. Unfortunately the remote isn't designed for any other TV functions. I'm surprised a full remote won't control the monitor.

What's 720mode and how do I get it?
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These NEC's are monitors, made for the computer. If u have a XM29 Xtra (Its written on the front of the TV) the RGB connection in the back are also Pr, Y, and Pb (component cables). You can plug a XBOX360 in 720p or 1080i or any other HD video source. If you have a XM29 Plus, you only have RGB and VGA connectors, good if u have a special cable, but useless for Blurays or most HD video sources. U also have S-Video and RCA inputs. But the quality is MUCH better in RGB/VGA or Component, especially compared to RCA.

Theres no way you'll have advanced remote functions on the remotes. Remember that the original remote even had pin cushion adjustment, overscan/underscan, degauss, and even horizontal/vertical position/size right on the remote. No universal remote will be able to do that.

I dont know what Comcast is really, but if its HD theres a 720p mode probably.
( And if u dont know what 720p, 1080i, 480i, 480p is.. then search on the net. tip: resolution)
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I'm sorry, Comcast is the name of my local cable company. I'm using their cable box with the monitor. I have the Xtra but I don't see any component jacks in the back. I'm currently using s-video. I wanted to use the cable box remote to do simple functions like power, volume, and input select. I know what 720p is. I thought you was referring to something on the cable box.
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The component connection is not color coded in the back of the monitor.
If u look in the back you will see BNC connector's. Under RGB 2 there are 3 BNC connectors labeled R/Cr/Pr , G/Y/Y , and B/Cb/Pb. These are the component inputs.
Of course you need 3 BNC to RCA adaptors. These can be found in most good electronic stores (not Walmart lol). You plug your 3 component cables from a XBOX360 or PS3 (with the component cable) and u can use your TV in 720p or 1080i. Of course, without a remote it will be hard to adjust the size and width and everything...but all is adjustable in the Menu. Adjustments in every mode (720p/1080i) will stay so u only need to adjust it once to your liking in the menu.

Here's a pic of the rear panel.

The XM29 Xtra has only a max horizontal frequency of 70khz (the XP29 has 100khz) so your max resolution is 1280x1024 at around 65hz vertical. It can also do 800x600 at 100khz ,1080i, 720p at 90hz and many other resolutions. Only the XP29 can do 1080p or higher.
720p should work great in component for a XBOX, Blu-ray (that hasnt had its component HD output cutoff (pre 2011), or any other HD source in 720p/1080i.
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If I were you I would dump comcast's remote. It's garbage. I have used Logitech's universal remotes with various broadcast monitors, like the Sony PVM and a Mitsubishi Megaview. I actually have the NEC XM 29 but I have never used my Logitech remotes with it, but I would not doubt that they would be able to program to work with them.
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Wow! I didn't know RBG2 was component compatible. I thought it was VGA only. I've seen monitors that uses VGA/BNC cables. Thanks for that knowledge. There's only one set on RGB audio inputs. Does that mean you can only one of the video inputs?

Snake, I didn't wanna spend $50 on a remote to do simple duties with the monitor.
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Afroteddy, yeah it only has one audio input for both RGB inputs, so its only one audio signal at a time. What i did to solve the problem is to get a Component Video Selector Box with a remote. You have 4 Inputs and one Output. So i plug each of my things on it and i only need one sound output. Of course the selector can also switch sound so even if u plug your PC in VGA and not component, you use one of the 4 inputs for the audio of the VGA only. This way everything is plugged. My XBOX360 in component, my PC in VGA, my WII in 480p component too and also the PS3 in component. I dont even use the S-Video and RCA inputs for video.
On the front panel there's switches to choose between RGB1, RGB2 , VIDEO1 and VIDEO2.
Proceed accesses the MENU.
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Hate to bump an old thread, but this one is misleading. The XM29 does not support component, as it's RGBHV (VGA, like Afroteddy said). I think the image above is for the XP29, as its throughput is not MultiCable (game port/DA15 doohickey).
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Not related to XP or XM models, its related to either you have the XM Xtra models or the XM Plus (+) models. All XM/XP Xtra have Y,Pb,Pr component inputs(which are also RGBHV), while the Plus models are limited to RGBHV. Remember that the Xtra models are more recent and added an inch of viewing screen.
Afroteddy clearly states in the 5th post that he has a Xtra model.
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