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Mitsubishi WD73838 Looking for 3D

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Purchased a Mitsubishi WD73838 last year for Christmas. Now we are looking at adding 3D and a wireless subwoofer. Was looking at Panasonic 3d Bluray Player. Is this a good choice and need to know tha glasses and such to go with the uit. Was looking at the Polk PSWI225 wireless subwoofer. I am pretty new to the hometheater and looking for options and answers. Thanks in advance. Did use the search and didn't find the answers i was looking for.
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My wife was ready to purchase the components I listed, but I was trying to get a bit of feedback before we spent the money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I've got the same tv and need to figure out what 3d emmitter we need to get. Subscribed...
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DLP Link glasses work without an emitter. If you want to go the emitter direction, the 3D emitter you select needs to match the glasses you select AND have a VESA Stereo connector (an industry standard). In short the emitter controls the glasses so the emitter and glasses need to match (just like the IR remote control that comes with your Mitsubishi TV will not control your Sony flat panel). Also, since the TV controls the emitter via a special connector, the emitter needs to match that connector. This counts out Sony emitter and glasses because Sony does not use the industry standard connector for the emitter.

There cannot be a universally accepted “best” at this time because the criteria for judgment include a lot of subjective areas. These include Size / Weight of the glasses. Fit on the head, or over corrective glasses. Type of battery systems (replaceable vs. rechargeable). Price vs. performance (there are perfromace differences but there are also price differences). Performance in a variety of environments (some glasses work very well in a dark area but not in a lighted area - some glasses work OK in both but not as well as some that are more limited in lighting).

Mitsubishi lists these on their web site and because of that you know they will work.
http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/accessories/3DG-EX103 , http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/accessories/3DG-X103

However there are a lot of other choices shown in this fourm. No one can say that this type or that brand are “best” for all conditions and those that try are only telling you what is best for their situation, environment and budget – that may or may not apply to you.

My opinion is I prefer replaceable batteries because I can have a supply of back up batteries and if the batteries go dead in the middle of a movie, there is only a delay of the time it takes to replace the battery. Rechargable take time to recharge. I also like glasses that have wide side panels that reduce light leakage from the sides. I feel the Crystal Eyes glasses are the best for performance but they are also are considerably more expensive and I am not sure they are worth the extra price.
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I'm in the same boat actually except with the 82 mistu.

Make sure you choose the right panny for your needs. The BDP110 doesnt have wifi, the 210 adds wifi, the 310 adds a second HDMI output in case your AV receiver doesnt support HDMI 1.4.

As for glasses I've been leaning toward dlp link glasses.
The ones I've been looking at are:
True Depth: http://www.amazon.com/True-Depth-3D-.../dp/B0053T5QPW
Optomoa: http://www.optoma.de/3DZD201.aspx
or UltraClears http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate3DHeav...3714599&sr=1-2
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Stay away from 3D Glasses Unlimited. Com! They have Blyck glasses which are about the worst I've experienced. Tried a pair and got a used/repackaged 3d movie which I could have gotten for $1.00 at Red Box or Blockbuster rental kiosk. The glasses appeared to have been used already. Stay Away! The "high powered" emitter for my Mits was worth about $5.00 and I paid over $100.00 for it. It is no more powerful than the factory unit. It broke apart as I was plugging it in! Caution!
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