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Hey everyone so while waiting to get our carpet installed I thought Id take today to start working on the concession corner. Glad to say It was begun and finished today We recently put in our order for the gold medal 6OZ popcorn machine with stand http://www.gmpopcorn.com/products/pr...n.cfm?pid=2235 this exact color/model except the 6OZ kettle version it should be in this Wednesday,wednesday is also when our LONG awaited carpet finally gets installed! needless to say this weekend will be the first real 100% complete home theater viewing and were all extremely excited!
Enjoy the pictures

First look entry to downstairs

Theater entrance door to the left

Popcorn machine will be going beside the fridge

Beverage Selection (Still growing)

Candy Selection & Popcorn Bowls
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Carpets been Installed as well as acoustic panelling and the start of some movie posters, really starting to look like the finished product. Enjoy the pictures

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I like what you've done with the room. It must be nice to finally see it all come together.

Are you planning to place another section of seats in front of those recliners?
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Good job. Is it ok to not have the walls covered with sound panels?
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I really like what you did with the room! looks awesome!
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Emagdnim- Yep have ordered the same make/model and color except a 2 seater placement plan to place about a foot infront of the riser. Amazing to see the final product couldn't be more pleased.

Plan to place a few more sound panels throughout the room, along with another movie poster or 2. Thanks for the feedback!

Some updated phone pics of some new concession area/lobby

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How do you like these seats? How's the quality and comfort? I'm thinking of buying 2 rows
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Hey everyone theaters 100% complete with the front row seats posters etc biggrin.gif Thought some of you might like the latest video tour I recorded
Any questions please feel free to ask,the HTD seats are fantastic good comfort,well made,really competitive price.
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I was wondering how high are your ceilings?
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8FT, had to take that into consideration when building the riser as 2 family members are 6ft+ with the tallest person standing on the riser they still have a good 6 inches of headroom that person being 6'3
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A recent quick iPhone Stiched Image of the Theater with the front seats included, planning on doing a layered&stichted panorama of the theater from my d300 soon.

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Quick question on your riser LED rope, is that wired into a switched outlet with a dimmer? If not how do you control it?
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That it is wired into a outlet on the back of the riser with a built in dimmer smile.gif hope that helps
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quick question. i cant see from the last pic but is that carpet on the riser just on the top plywood or completely to the floor? If to the floor, how did you get past the rope light?
Thanks. great job
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