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Paradigm monitor subs

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Has anyone heard these yet, I know they come in 8,10 & 12 versions but I am hoping for some real world reviews?
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Cannot find any reviews to date. Anyone listened or purchased the 10 or 12?

Considering 2 sub 10's or one sub 12 for bedroom. Nice wireless feature would make easy setup in the room. Match to my Mini Monitors.
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I am curious as well. I have a Hsu STF-2 and would like something with more punch. I am obviously aware of the price to performance of the ID brands. I just purchased a full Paradigm monitor setup though and after reading about the Sub1 and Sub2, it's obvious Paradigm is capable of making a killer sub. Those are out of my price range though.
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I have Monitor 9's for left and right, an LCR350 for center, ADP150's for surround and a PS1200 for the sub. After hearing all the good things about ID subs, I'm not even thinking of a Paradigm sub. Personally they are over priced (I was looking at a DSP32/3400 but the 3400 was 1K retail). Maybe it is a good sub that Paradigm makes, but for the money you would do better with sticking with an ID company.

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My INITIAL impressions, copied from my other thread in this section but are likely more appropriate here. All in all im happy but as was warned the sub may be a touch weak for my space.

"I did go with the monitor sub12. Ive done basic setup, and an initial PBK. The sub has met my expectations but fell short of my hopes...

According to my cell phone spl meter, the PBK charts, and my ears the sub12 really starts to work well around 25Hz, maybe a little before. But a long cry off the 16Hz advertized, however right in line with other good quality small box sealed 12"ers and I more or less expected this, but did hope for "real" sub 20Hz extension. The sound quality is great, the volume is there, the slam is ok but not fantastic. Explosions and other loud LFE effects in movies give an ok rumble, however to get a good feeling from the bass in music the volume needs to be cranked, keeping in mind i listen to ZERO electronic music. Im sure in a slightly smaller room this sub would come alive in that regard. I also only have the gain set to about the 10:30 position, so there is more in the sub.

Next steps will be to work on dialing things in a little better, and enjoy untill the upgrade urge strikes again and at that point probably step into a true big boy sub... Or a second monitor sub12, see how I like it given some time.
I may move the sub to the better corner in the room, that corner gives a smoother and bigger gain but can sometimes sound localized however the PBK may help in that regard. That corner MAY help with a little more extension and slam, but not expecting it."
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I now have personal expereince with the Monitor Sub 12. Did not do the PBK setup, just wanted to test as new.

I have a CD that does full freq. steps starting at 10Hz and goes all the way up past what I wanted to test.

Here's my results with a sound meter:
10Hz - basically no ouput
20Hz - output, down 6-7db
25-26Hz - output down 4db
28Hz output down 3db.
30Hz and up fairly flat - of course room setup made for some bumps

Movies and music sounded great, but didn't have the low extension I was hoping for. For movies, I want to have a sub that is strong at the 20Hz range and dipping down to 16Hz. This sub cannot do that. Output down 6-7db may not sound like much on paper, but it really is to my ears!

I wanted this for my bedroom, not my main AV system. Considering you can get a good deal via your dealer, this is good value. All thru the tests, never did I hear wind noise and any other strange noises. It's built very good and is solid. Also to consider is the wireless adapter adding approx. $120. This will enable you to place this sub any where in the room close to a power outlet and add more subs to boot.
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would love to hear someone who has auditioned the 12 for mainly music, if such a person exists.

i auditioned it myself, and it seemed tight and really controlled. id like it to match up with my studio 60s
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looking to add a sub to my system and am considering the monitor sub 8 or 10 or maybe a def teck prosub 1000.

Anyone have experience with the 8 or 10 inch monitor sub? My room is about 10x14.

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I'm listening to a Monitor SUB 12 as I type this. It's actually a unit I'll be reviewing in the coming months.

Whenever I get a new sub it's run for a few hours just to ensure everything is working (I'd hate to go back to a manufacture weeks after getting something and have to say "um, it was a DOA - sorry it took so long to let you know"). My room is 13x17x8, so probably more cubic feet then yours. The SUB 12 has only been run about 3 or 4 hours thus far, so it's not broken in yet, but it does seem to be pretty musical.

DefTech is notorious for being very optimistic with their lower extension numbers -- saying the ProSub 1000 can hit 18Hz is a prime example -- but it seems Paradigm might also be taking liberties with the SUB 12; while I haven't pushed it at this point, I'm not getting in the teens with what I have tried. I can tell you this much, the amp doesn't get the least bit warm. After a few "energetic" sessions there was zero heat coming off this thing. When you have a tiny enclosure like this that's not very common. Usually the amp will heat up pretty quickly due to how hard the driver is being pushed in order to achieve output.
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