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Best Video Scaler for Pio KRP600A

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Hi, i am considering purchasing a video scaler for my system. My components are:

Pioneer KRP600A UK version
Denon AVPA1HDA AV Processor
Sky HD
Apple TV
Media PC

I also have a little calibration equipment

Calman Software V4.2
Xrite i1Pro Display 3

I have been considering the Iscan Duo as it has compatibility with the calman software for auto calibration and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me any reason why i should consider something else instead.

I dont want to spend more then $999 .

Is the Iscan Duo still considered a good scaler or should i wait for a replacement? Is the duo being replaced soon as it seems to be a few years old now and i was wondering how futurproof it is. I see it does not have HDMI 1.4 and although my current display does not have this i wouldnt want a processor thats already due for replacement with something often better.

Are there any others i should consider?

Thanks for all help

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If your limit is $999 and you obviously want a full Color Management System, then you've got no choice. Get the Duo. Next one would the Radiance Mini-3D for $1400.
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ok so lets assume i did stretch my budget a little to the Lumagen, it appears to only have one input. How can i colour manage multiple sources? and why is it better?
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The Radiance Mini-3D has two physical inputs and a number of virtual ones, so you can easily add any cheap switch and apply different settings to all of your sources. Digital inputs really aren't a problem. It's just not your system if you still need analogue inputs.

The Mini has 3D processing, while the Duo has just 3D passthrough. I know not important on your current plasma, but maybe in the future. The Mini has advanced NR functions, while the Duo has just a mediocre Mosquito noise function. I like both machines for their deinterlacing. The Radiance's scaling engine is better, but the Duo's is sharper. The Radiance is better suited for low-quality sources, while both are great on good sources. The Duo is very easy to setup and control. The Radiance is more complicated, but has more available options after all.
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