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technical question for Iscan Duo

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I have asked this question elsewhere but not received any answer.

I have a Pioneer KRP600A Plasma display and have always been disappointed with its picture (it seems im the only one). I have found it to be an over rated product compared to my older Panasonic screens that always exceeded expectations once set up correctly.

I have set my screen up using calman and an I1 Display Pro 3 however i have noticed that there is a significantly better picture when i change my TV HDMI mode to PC rather than Video.

From my understanding PC mode bypasses the internal processing and improves response time as it runs the panel native. However you do loose all of the adjustability functionality of the video modes as a consequence leaving only basic settings for contrast, brightness, R, G, B.

My proposed solution to this would be to add the iscan Duo to the ststem as this would return the CMS and Greyscale adjustments along with improved deinterlacing and scaling. I will be calibrating the system using calman.

What are your thoughts on this and do you think it will improve the performance? Is there any disadvantage to running this way?

Would adding the iscan Duo also add full auto calibration to the display with the Calman software?

I hope there is someone who can help or who has the same system who may wish to try this themselves.

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First I would make sure the improved picture quality isn't due to screen becoming lighter or darker, because that would likely be a PC video level issue. If that isn't the case, make sure your TV has a 1:1 pixel mode and turn off all of the TV processing options, if any are on.

I use an iScan Duo fed into my TV as a PC HDMI input because it is the only way I can get 1:1 picture, as it is a 768p panel. I still retain my display's basic controls, along with white balance, but can't adjust the TV color control. I then tweak that with the Duo's CMS. I'm able to get all dE values under 1.5, so if your dispay really is inhibiting picture quality the Duo can indeed be useful.

I don't have Calman so I can't help you with that.
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