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Viera Connect Problems

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Hello. I wanted to see if anyone else is having trouble using Viera Connect on their Panasonic Plasma/LCD/Blu Ray.

Problem Description:

Frequent HD dropouts on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon VOD due to insufficient bandwidth. Sometimes the Viera Connect button does nothing - it wont pull up the menu. Sometimes all I get is the center box. I occasionally get the Cannot connect to server (006) error.


55 GT30 is hard wired via Cat5e to a gigabit router which is connected to a Motorola docsis 3 cable modem. I have a 25-25mbps internet connection. I have bandwidth tested the connection and peak and non peak times and always come up with sufficient bandwidth to stream HD. The problem is worst during peak evening times.


- Have hard wired the TV to the cable modem, bypassing the router,
- Put TV in DMZ on router,
- Tried using the supplied wifi adapter,
- Changed DNS servers to google dns and open dns,
- static mapped ip address,
- hard reset of tv,
- Talked to Amazon VOD service. They indicate that my stream starts at 10mbit then gradually decreases to insufficient levels.

- Does anyone know if Viera Connect servers are having problems?
- Anyone else having issues?
- Could the TV be faulty? - I doubt this since the Blu Ray also has trouble,
- Is Comcast throttling these connections?

Thanks in advance for your help. Hopefully together we can troubleshoot our problems.
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Sounds to me like a network issue, but it could be on the WAN side. More often than not, buffering in any given service will be due to issues on the server side.

I have a nearly identical setup and almost never see problems, but I mainly only use Amazon streaming during the day.

You might have someone on your cable node who's hogging bandwidth. Good luck getting the cableco to come out and investigate this. But evenings can get pretty congested at either end of the service, or both.

About the only troubleshooting step you can do at this point is to try the services during weekdays and see if they work better. That at least rules out hardware.
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Thanks! I have tested during non peak times and have had much better results. I guess I am curious if the problem could be with the viera cast proxy server and not with either the content provider or comcast. If it's viera cast I would just go get a media streamer to solve my issues.

I am going to call panasonic today to discuss. Last night I got a message that the server was down for maintenance. Also, on my connection test the connect to viera connect server was taking a really long time to complete.
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It is strange that you have these issues as netflix, etc. defines high def as 5Mbps. I have had viera connect issues upon startup of the tv but within 2 minutes i get a connection
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I had some issues last night with it. Icons took much longer to load and same with each app. Wonder if it was just a temporary issue with Panasonic's servers.
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I am starting to think you are correct. I was trying to stream a video off amazon on the gt30 this evening and it kept buffering. When it encountered trouble I went to my file server and did a test download of a large file and was getting an average 7MB (not Mbit!) average speed. Its not my bandwidth. I was also able to stream the video in full resolution from amazon on my laptop. So its either a hardware or viera connect software issue.
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OK. I purchased a Roku today to test whether or not the panasonic was the issue. Its not! The Roku is having similar issues and will only stream sd and has some buffering. Comcast tech coming out tomorrow.
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i hit a road block with Comcast tech support and wound up getting a CenturyLink DSL line. Problem fixed! The issue is somewhere on the Comcast network. Streamed 3.5mbps Hd from hulu and Amazon last night with no problems.
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Originally Posted by orbilius View Post

i hit a road block with Comcast tech support and wound up getting a CenturyLink DSL line. Problem fixed! The issue is somewhere on the Comcast network. Streamed 3.5mbps Hd from hulu and Amazon last night with no problems.

3.5mpbs is not HD... they may call it that, but it is not.
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I know 3.5mbps is not true HD quality, but it looks pretty damn good and seems like a fair comparison to some of the compressed HD cable channels I have seen. You can certainly see both of these go to hell when there is a ton of motion. The intro to the Daily Show in Hulu is a great example - lots of blocks, even on a perfect connection.
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