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Velodyne FSR18 or HSU Research VTF-15H

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I've been out of the speaker world for approximately 10 years, and I'm now looking to upgrade my system. 10+ years ago, Velodyne's FSR and HGS series subs were at the top of the food chain. Right now, I would like to upgrade my B&W ASW1000 sub and would like some advice as the better option. Should I choose a 10+ year old FSR18 for $350, or a brand new HSU Research VTF-15H sub for $1000. My room configuration is 22x32x9.5ft.

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The VTF15h is a great sub, but if I had to pick between them, I would go with the Velodyne, however that 10 year age is a serious caveat. $350 is a very good deal though, I would just take that deal for the value, and if the Velodyne dies in a year or two, so what, its only 350, and then you can go get the VTF15h or whatever at that point. I wouldn't expect the VTF15h to sound as clean as the FSR18, but I would expect it to get louder above 30 hz or so.
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10 years it too much time for a sub...
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Originally Posted by cacihome View Post

10 years it too much time for a sub...

Why would that be if it can be acquired at a price reflecting the age?
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And the fact that Velodyne probably still supports it.
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With almost 7,000 cubic feet I'm not sure which of the 2 would better pressurize the room....

A really big upgrade might require something with more output than either of those the OP mentioned.
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Originally Posted by cacihome View Post

10 years it too much time for a sub...

Yeah but he is only out 350 if he doesn't like it or if it fails. If the FSR18 is still in good condition, that is chump change for such a good sub.
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At that price, buy the Velodyne. Try it out and if you don't like it sell it for $500. That was easy
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The foundation series subwoofers are no longer supported by Velodyne and parts are no longer available. You would have to find someone else to fix it. I have an F1500 with an amp problem, decided not to fix and move on.
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That's for the input. For the main speakers, I'm running the Definitive Technology BP7004 with built-in 12" subs which will help the FSR18 or VTF-15H with bass.
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I just got an FSR-18 and can directly speak to its great sound. My subwoofer experience started w/ a VTF 2 or 3 (can't remember) MK2. It was always plenty loud but always seemed muddy. Sold it and bought a 12" Velo. So much better, loved its clean tight bass, but ultimately just couldn't dig deep enough for movies. It served me well for a bit but bought the FSR-18 and I love it. I've had limited experience w/ it but I noticed huge improvements immediately. Haven't ran tests w/ my SMS-1 yet to see how low it goes but I can feel the impact like no other sub I've had. I've EQ'd it so it doesn't rattle my house but I can feel the vibes on some movies, sub 20hz no doubt. I have not done significant music listening yet but I have little doubt it will let me down. Although I'm a bit leary or it overpowering my monitor mains, so I may use the 12" for music. Shouldn't be an issue for you anyway, your mains should get you enough bass for music (depending on your preferences though).

Considering the price difference its not even close in my mind. The HSU is probably a good sub but you're getting 44% more SA at 1/3 the cost. Velodyne makes solid stuff and my experience w/ HSU is shaky. You're room is huge too, even if you already have active subs in your mains. Great customer support from HSU though.
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WHere you able to get an FSR-18 for $350 anyway?
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Speaker technology also isn't rocket science, cancer research, or nanotechnology--think about it.

These days leaps and bounds are not made regularly in a matter of several years.
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I have a FSR-18 that's 10 years old. I've replaced every other piece of equipment I owned at least 2 times in that 10 years. I still upgrade, but the Velodyne is here to stay. I never even consider replacing it.

All you have to do is listen to the depth charges in U-571 at volume and you'll know.

Warning - this sub can and will break windows. If you play it loud you will need to make sure anything that can rattle is tied down.
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