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Nikon D3100 to Laptop Screen

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I have an old laptop screen that I'm hooking my camera up to so that live view will be displayed. I got the control board for the screen that has a DVI and a VGA input. I can hook my computer up via the DVI, or my Canon HV30 camcorder via HDMI with the HDMI to DVI adapter. I can hook my camera up to my television via HDMI, and it works perfect, but I cannot get my camera to work on the laptop screen.

So my question is, do I need to get some kind of converter box so that it changes the signal that is coming out of the 3100? If this isn't the right area to post it, please move it.

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Older computer displays (and many current ones) can't display 1080i, so my guess is that this is what your Canon HV30 outputs. You can get a video processor to get 1080i converted to 1080p. If quality doesn't matter this much, you can probably find an older machine in the $200 range. Another display might be cheaper though.
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Thanks for the reply. The Canon camcorder works perfect on the screen, but the Nikon camera does not. I can change the output resolution of the HDMI on the Nikon from Auto to 1080i (interlaced), 720p (progressive), 576p (progressive), or 480p (progressive). I've tried them all... and nothing. I can change the Nikon from NTSC to PAL, but neather work.

I'm just frustrated because my HD camcorder works fine on it, but my DSLR does not. I'm using the same mini HDMI cord for both of them...
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I see, my apologies. In this case I would say that the Nikon only outputs YCbCr through HDMI, while the Canon has a DVI-compatible RGB-only mode (probably selected automatically). Some TVs can show this information on their info screen, so maybe you can take it from there. Same recommendation though - not sure if it's worth the effort to convert.
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Gotcha. Well I'll try hooking it back up to my Tv and see if I can find any more information on it. I guess I can just find a small LCD Tv with HDMI inputs, but I really wanted this to work. Thanks again.
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