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Sony kds-r50xbr1 no picture, just a vertical bar

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About a week ago my lamp died so I replaced it. Two days later the fan was giving me problems so I cleaned it and it worked perfectly for a couple weeks. Now when I turn it on, all I get is a black screen with a vertical bar on the left side. The bar is a greenish color and is made up of a few different shades of smaller vertical green bars. When I press the menu buttons, nothing happens. Basically the TV just stays like this and all I can do is turn it off. It's stuck on input 4 (RGB + audio) and the audio DOES work.

I have it completely opened up and I'm an engineer so don't be afraid to speak in techy terms. Where do I start? Right now I'm looking at the connection between the lamp control board and the giant video processor board. I know everything else works because I've tested most everything else (fans, power supply, sensors, inverters).

Thanks in advance!
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After further inspection I found that the controls on the TV work still, I can turn up and down the volume, change channels, bring up the menu etc.. I know because I pressed the TV/VIDEO button and it went to 'TV mode' so I could hear static, then used the vol+ and heard faint static, then I changed channels and heard the static stop for a second then resume, then I pressed 'menu' and tried to change channels again and it didn't work. I also tested audio on a few inputs and it's working fine.

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and here's exactly what I see:


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I don't think this should be too hard to figure out. The problem is either in the DLP control board or the video processor board (DSU 1-867-735-12). Can I test either one of these boards? Does anyone have a manual for this TV?

If nothing else I suppose I can purchase one but at this point I might be better off finding one of these TV's broken with a different problem and replacing each board until I narrow it down.

Back to it then.
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Did you figure it out?
My client's bulb went out, he replaced it with one which didn't hit the location switches so he tried to remove the circuitry to the service position but tore the ribbon cable to the video board. I replaced the ribbon fixed the bulb but now he has the same vertical line you do ... except the picture will come in for a second or two then go blue and back to the bar.
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i have the same fault, did we get to the bottom of it or not?
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