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HD66 and 3D Vision, testing without glasses

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Hi everyone, I typically spend alot of time searching, but i have apart ocular question. I recently hooked up my Hd66 and enabled 3Dvision and it detected the Hd66 and I also was able to select the 3D option from the projector settings after switching the resolution to 1280 x 720. The issue is I have no 3d glasses and my run from my computer is probably 130 feet. I know people are probably wondering what the hell I am doing. I wanted to test my cable run to see if I had issues before getting 3D glasses.

So when I enable 3D without DLP glasses synced with the projector should I be able to see anything, like a messed up screen, double images or anything like that. Without them I am seeing nothing but maybe there is noting displayed if glasses are not connected. Thanks very much for the input and I appreciate all the answers I have got from avs in the past
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Yes, you should see a double image (the left and right-eye view overlayed). If you are getting a black screen, that means the signal is not going through (130ft?!! not sure if even an ethernet-hdmi trasnmitter can manage that)

Please also note the difference between 3d vision (nvidia or 3d vision compatible glasses and emitter, no DLP-link flash signal in the image) and DLP-link (no emitter, any brand DLP-link glasses sync-ed only through the projected image).
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Hi, thanks for the reply, I actually have a screen showing that looks fine after the 3d vision was enabled. I do not see a double image though

I was also suprised to see an image, it's 100 feet of Hdmi to Ethernet to a Hdmi switch that boosts the signal which goes through a 30 foot 22 gauge Hdmi cable.

These is no signal loss whatsoever. At first the 3d options were disabled on the projector until switching to 720p and I got a red text error on my pc saying the 3d stereoscopic driver has not started. After switching to 720p the error disappeared and the 3d option in the hd66 menu became available. When I turned it on I received no double image.

I used a 3dvision virtual driver to enable stereoscopic 3d without the use of a IR emitter so I could use dlp glasses.
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