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I haven't seen much talk about Philips remotes - so I thought I should give my take. I've been using a 6008 for about 6 months. It is something of a poor-mans harmony 600/650 from what I can tell based on features. Overall it is nice, easy to program from a windows computer if you have your original remote (can be done without as well, but I have not tried). It has a nice backlight and I like the heft. I run a Rotel receiver with an HTPC and a Harmon Kardon CD player connected to it and an Epson projector from the remote. The software was aware of these 3 pieces of equipment, but I choose to customize the buttons somewhat.

I use recyclable batteries and have to pull them out every 2-3 months and re-charge them - USB charging would be nice.

The only real criticism is that the remote needs a Devices and an Activity button that goes directly to the home screen for those selections. If you are in an activity, and want to send a device command that is not programed into that activity, then you have to hit the back button several times to get to the home screen, then hit the devices button, select the device, etc. This requires several key-punches, and reduces the WAF.

One other item that would be nice is ability to type in discrete codes from the windows software.

Overall a nice remote for under $40 in my case.