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Is it possible for external sound...?

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Hi fellows,

I have the following equipment:

1. Samsung DVD PLAYER DVD-C550
2. Samsung UE40C6500
3. Altec Lansing 251 5.1 Surround. (quite old ... i know)

The connection is as follows:

Is there any way to listen tv sound from altec lansing speakers (eg. when i stick a usb and watch a movie...)?
Is there any adaptor which does this?
I've seen that the tv has a choice of external sound but i cant seem to find out how...
Also, when i play a dvd movie, the amplifier enables only stereo and prologic and not dd (i have to add here, that earlier with an older tv and a scart cable, dd was been enabled just fine)!
What can i do to listen tv sound (channels or usb stick movies) from my altec lansing?

Thanks in advance!
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If the TV has a digital audio output (most likely optical), you could hook the speakers up to that. You may need to enable that output in the TV's menu.

Make sure the DVD player is set to bitstream and not PCM.
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I am afraid that the TV has an optical digital output, but the cable from the amplifier is only for coaxial digital...
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There are optical to coax converters. Monoprice has them for like $13.
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So one last question (the bitstream by the way worked just fine for the dd sound, thank you very much)...

The cable that ends up on the dvd digital coaxial output from the amplifier is double so only one edge is plugged in. If i convert the other end to optical and plug it in the TV optical output, will i have to plug and unplug to have sound from dvd or tv and vice versa or will it work just fine depending on which media is on???

Thanks in advance.
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Greetings from the past...

The strange with this matter (for those who dont know please take a minute and check previews posts) is that although yesterday the altec was playing just fine (dvd and usb), this morning just stopped giving living signs!!! No matter PCM, Bitstream or whatever, neither dvds nor usb movies seems to awake home cinema sound!!!!! The DVD C550 has the following audio settings:

1. Dolby Digital Output : a. PCM, b. Bitstream
2. MPEG2 Digital Output: a. PCM, b. Bitstream

When i put the first option in b, and enter the dvd (or usb) it says "HDMI AUDIO NOT SUPPORTED" all of a sudden!

Is this a death sign from my altec that i am getting??? What could go wrong in just a day?

P.S.The TV as already mentioned has only optical output. Which would be the best combination (dvd, home cinema-even if new is needed) that could make me take sound from tv usb?????

Thanks in advance.
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