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What Else?  

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I live in Concord CA and have hills on both sides of me.

I have a Hughes reciever with a CM 4228 and a preamp CM7777. My Coax run right now is 75ft. How short should the lines be between the antenna and preamp? I am up about 10 ft above the roof line.

I have no problem getting the big 3 (ABC, CBS, NBC) from SAC but I can't get anything else.

Last night I was trying to get the stations from Sutro (SF) and could get PBS but is would come on and then go off. While looking at the meter I see that the signal is up to 79 and then 72 and then it drops off to the 30's and then back up. Other stations act the same. What is it doing?

What can I do to get better reception for SF? Moving the antenna around is not helping so far but I will continue to try. Will adding more height do anything? How far up should I try before figuring that height won't do anything?

Should I wait and get a newer STB? Would this help at all?

Should I try another type of antenna?

Thanks in advance.
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From what I've learned here, you may be getting reflected transmissions from SF via cloud patterns and other anomalies. Atmospheric conditions can cause what you're seeing.

Hopefully, someone from your area will see this and contribute advice.

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