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New Cineform/GoPro beta

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Back in August/September I started playing with the TD10, and the GoPro 3d, and with the help of Don, John, Wolfgang, Joseph, and others and watching others in here, learned quite a bit. One of the paths I went down, probably inappropriately as overly complex for my needs was Cineform Neo, especially since now we have Cyberlink PD10 and Sony products.

Since I gave away my gopro/hd's (to my I.T. guy) and purchased hero2's, without reading the fine print that they do not yet "do 3d", I've been keeping close touch with gopro/cineform. Good news is they are almost there with the new firmware for the Hero2's to do 3d!!

What they do have now and looking for some beta testers is their new Cineform Software. I've asked and have received permission to share it here, provided you beta test it and report back to Laura at lbrown@gopro.com

If this is not appropriate for me to post here, let me know and I'll remove it, but I've seen there's a couple folks here that would like to check it out. I know I can't wait for my 3d firmware!!

Merry Christmas folks,


Hi Dan,

We'd be happy to have you do any casual testing you have time/energy for. You'll see that the new product combines our two old applications (FirstLight and HDLink) into one piece of software with a complete facelift/GoPro rebranding. It's called GoPro CineForm Studio with an Import Room (migrated HDLink functionality) and Edit Room (migrated FirstLight features). We've just included new builds of HDLink and FirstLight so that users do not use any of their old functionality while the features are making their way into the new Studio product. Basically, we're most interested in having beta users test all the old features they used to use in Neo in the new product GoPro CineForm Studio- does that make sense?

I will try to keep you posted about Hero2 firmware, but if you don't hear back from me for some reason... please check back again periodically for updates (feel free to keep bugging me about it, and I'll let you know when I have more info).

This beta doesn't need to be kept very strictly confidential- we want lots of savvy eyes on it. Feel free to recommend other users to join the beta- please just ask them to send me an email with their name and preferred OS platform, so that I can keep track and keep in contact with the group as a whole.

Thanks again for your interest! Have a lovely holiday.


If you currently use Neo (Windows), download GoPro CineForm Studio Premium here: http://software.gopro.com/PC/GoProCi...m-

If you currently use Neo 3D (Windows), download GoPro CineForm Studio Professional here: http://software.gopro.com/PC/GoProCi...o-
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From: Laura Brown [mailto:lbrown@gopro.com]
Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 11:12 AM
To: Laura Brown
Subject: Note about GoPro CineForm Studio BETA

Hello beta testers,

Please only test the Premium version of the software for now: http://software.gopro.com/PC/GoProCi...m-

We have found a licensing problem in the Professional version that causes conversion errors, so we will fix that in the next beta build for testing.

Thanks to those of you who have already sent feedback. We appreciate all of your efforts.

Happy Holidays!
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This AC3Filter is needed for audio to work with the TD10: http://techblog.cineform.com/?p=423
Still no support for an option to output 5.1 audio (only mixdown stereo supported). Workaround is to match with original clip (5.1 audio track) in PPro and create a nested clip for each clip.

Uses all cores- reasonably quick. Playback in PPro is very smooth/fast. IIRC, from prior tests I performed, Cineform Low is sufficient to capture the TD10's heavily compressed 420 data without noticeable loss (in my limited test cases). Thus, a 500MB file ends up being 2.6GB (147Mbps if deinterlaced to 30p (73.5Mbps per eye)) , or 3.3GB if left as interlaced (same bitrate).

Why leave as interlaced? So you can perform high-quality 60i to 24p in PPro or AE. Cineform doesn't perform this type of frame rate conversion. If you need 30p, Cineform's deinterlacer looks OK so far (appears to be a simple blend method). Cineform re-interprets the deinterlaced 30p as 24p then stretches & pitch shifts the audio to match (motion slows down). The interlaced output from Cineform currently exhibits wavy motion on pans & tilts (after deinterlacing in PPro).
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Update on the beta software -
I'm waiting on the firmware for the 3d gopro2


From: Laura Brown [mailto:lbrown@gopro.com]
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2011 9:13 AM

Subject: GoPro CineForm Studio Professional beta link restored/updated

Just wanted to let you guys know that the link to the Professional version has been restored/updated: http://software.gopro.com/PC/GoProCi...o-

Feel free to use it over the holiday weekend, if you're so inclined. (I'm technically out of office until Tuesday, but will probably check emails from time to time.)

Happy Holidays to you and yours!
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