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Difference btwn LX85,SC57 and BDP-lx55 and 53fd

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What are the differences between these except the elite wording?
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Different market?
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The European/Asian/Australian Pioneer products which are branded in the U.S and Canada as Elite models are mostly cosmetic a bit different.
In the past there were also some technical differences.
Like in their Blu-Ray player there were players for the U.S market which sported a analogue 7.1 output whereas the European/Asian/Australian didn't had that capability.
At the moment there are not real differences between the Blu-Ray players if I am correct.

Blu-ray players:
U.S: BDP-140 = Other market: BDP-140
U.S: BDP-52f = Other market: BDP-440
U.S: BDP-53f = Other market: BDP-LX55

For receivers there are mostly cosmetic differences.
With the 'normal' Elite models, they are different to the Other Market products, for example the Pioneer Elite VSX-50, here in the EU we don't have such model. We have the Pioneer VSX-2021, which is the Pioneer VSX-1121 in the U.S if I am not mistaken.
And the Pioneer VSX-LX55 is the European/Asian/Australian version of the Pioneer Elite VSX-53 if I am not mistaken.
A big difference to the U.S versions with the Pioneer Elite SC-57 in comparison to the Pioneer SC-LX85 is that the SC-LX85 does sports a remote control trough RF and the Elite SC-57 does not.
The Remote Control with the Pioneer SC-LX85 sports also a (OLED) display which has 2-way communication.

A/V Receivers:
U.S: Pioneer VSX-1121 = Other market: Pioneer VSX-2021
U.S: Pioneer Elite VSX-53 = Other market: Pioneer VSX-LX55
U.S: Pioneer Elite SC-55 = Other market: Pioneer SC-LX75
U.S: Pioneer Elite SC-57 = Other market: Pioneer SC-LX85
U.S: Pioneer Elite SC-09 = Other market: Pioneer SC-LX90

There are some differences between the European/Asian/Australian versions of the lower-end Pioneer receivers and the U.S versions, the U.S versions are lower-spec'd than the other market versions. For example the Pioneer VSX-921 here in the EU does support AirPlay and in the U.S this is available from upwards the Pioneer VSX-1021.
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thanks mate!

all the random models are confusing! why dont they reorganise it to bring the US ones in line
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I don't understand it too.
But I think it is down to tradition, in the past the U.S models were often a bit different, sometimes lower in specs and sometimes a bit higher. And the Elite line has been for a long time in the U.S too.
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Is there an equivalent to the EU SC-LX90 for this side of the pond?
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