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Onkyo SKS-HT870 vs SKS-HT540 7.1

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hello ,

I am leaning towards either one of these due to the price range.

I need help in comparing both so i can decide on one. After looking at the product description from amazon I could not figure out the actual difference between these two other than the look. please help


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I've got no love from the forum either on this topic...I'm in the same predicament and am curious as to what is better.

Did you end up making a decision?
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Other than the tower I don't or can't tell the difference! Ill look into it when I get home.
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I jumped on the 870 set, i'll let you know how they work out
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What speaker stands did you use for the 4 surrounds? What type of options does Onkyo give to attach the surrounds to speaker stands? I know there are different ways usually for regular speakers to attach to stands (e.g. screw holes underneath the speaker; screw holes on back of speaker, etc).

Which way did Onkyo have their surrounds set up to attach to speaker stands.

This will help me out as I'm trying to decide on the SKS-HT870.

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I got some sanus hand me downs from a buddy of mine. They are pretty solid. However, because the mount on the Onkyo's are on at the top on the back's of the speaker, and given the size of the surrounds...I had to mount mount them backwards..basically the bend in the stand goes the other way to cater to the size of the speaker.
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