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onkyo tx-nr609 with bic f12 or other?

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Hey guys I've been seeing some good reviews about this bic sub that I've never heard of but I have also arm that the psw 505 had some lte setting that I can use if my receiver had it.

I believe that my receiver is capable of this setting and I basically want to make sure that I am buying the right sub.

For the bic price point can I do any better with the onkyo receiver? I am currently using rti4s for fronts and am looking for a ported sub.

Merry christmas everyone!
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Subwoofer brands and receiver brands have nothing to do with each other, so don't worry about the brand of sub you get.

The Bic F12 is a good sub if you're going to watch mainly movies. I have 2 of them and my main usage is movies. It is said on this forum that the PSW505 is a little better. Either way, they are 2 good budget sub. Personally, if they are both around the same price, go for the 505 as I think it may be a tad more reliable. I would also look at the Premier Acoustic PA-120 for around the same price and it should perform as good if not better. It's the bigger and heaviest one of the bunch so that's a plus in my books.

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I guess that's the crappy thing about buying online from amazon, you have to know what you want exactly or else it its very difficult to return.

I may go to best buy our future shop and see of they have any of these subs and buy them so I can test them then return then and go buy online.
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Sorry I forgot to newsroom that this will be for games movies and music, split usage is 1/3 each.
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The BIC F12 is considered quite reasonable but seldom is the 505 sold for that low of a price.
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That's cheaper than amazon but the exact same price as the premier sub.


which one would be better for my needs? I believe they are both ported too. Which I like.
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I cant speak for the Polk 505 as I have never had the chance to listen/feel it in person but for $170 at NewEgg it seems to be a good price! I can however comment on Premier Acoustic as I own the PA-150, its a fantastic sub!! I use to have dual Bic Pl-200's as I replaced them with the PA-150 and couldnt be hapier... esp for $370 shipped. I do realise the 150 is much bigger than the 120 but just going by build quality there is quite a bit of differnace. Dont get me wrong, the Bic Pl-200's are a very good sub as it did well for HT. Hard to say about the Polk but IMHO I would put the Pa-120 over the F-12.
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