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Merry Christmas to All-what did you get? The

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Best wishes to you and yours!

Let us know what new gadgets you got under the tree!
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Ok, it I will start!

Santana brought me a 47lw6500 6 3d movies and lots of other goodies. I think it will be fun
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santa asked the vizio elfs to load up a XVT556SP on the sled but the elfs said they weren't ready yet. santa will have to make after x-mas delivery when they are ready.



i have a 27 inch crt. i got fed up with those bars that run above and below picture, it equates with a 21 inch tv. don't like watching movies and many other things on it anymore.
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I got the new Fanatec CSR Elite steering wheel, a CSR shifter set, and the ClubSport Pedals....hardcore input devices for sim racing....very nice stuff, and a real solid upgrade over the MS wheel I had been using

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I got a cast-iron tea pot. And I lost my valet. Thanks, Santa!

Santa Giveth and Santa taketh...

PS waiting for the new Vizio (SP) models.
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I got a second 3DA1 to better streamline my living room system.

I also got RF emitter and Glasses to use on the living room system, but I have nothad a chance to hook them up yet because the additional 3DA1 did not make it yet, scheduled for delivery today.

I really could not find a better / more cost effective way to support both my PS3 and the Direct TV 3D on my living room system other than adding a second 3DA1 to the system.
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Philharmonic 2s by Dennis Murphy of Salk fame.
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Those look nice
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Santa brought me this!..... Im just looking for a nice earbuds bluetooth stereo headphones... Anyone knows a good one with great sound?!
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I got a Panasonic 65GT30 3D Plasma TV. September build and a high serial #. XX1251YYY. I love it.

Also got an OPPO BD-93 blu-ray player

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On Christmas day I received a Martin Logan Matinee center channel speaker and a FlyCam Nano video stabilizer with arm brace...

Tomorrow, Santa is bringing via UPS a late delivery Monoprice adjustable aspect ratio projection screen for the home theater. It was supposed to arrive last Friday but UPS Freight services division is a little slow this time of year!

Fun, fun, fun!
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i got nothing !
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I got:

LG 55" 3D TV
Home Theater Receiver
Home Theater Speakers
Harmony One
PS3 and a couple games
the bill
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I got a WD-73640 with Imax under the sea 3d,hubble 3d.My son got lion king 3d.So far we got 7 3d blu-rays.Can't wait for transformers 3d,avatar,puss in boots 3d.Loving this tv so far.
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Got everything for my so called 3D (SAMSUNG) TV

Glasses,3D Bluray player and 3D movies

3D ready ya right samsung and your customer service is a joke
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I got

Gran Turismo 5
And Irobot So I can spends some time playing games.
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