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KanexPro Cube Up

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works great
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saw one on ebay for a decent price
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that's it? no actual discussion of this product?
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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

that's it? no actual discussion of this product?

Seriously. So how does this product work? How is it compared to the 3D-Bee? It's less expensive. I'm in the market, but am looking for the product that works the best. My main concern with the 3D Bee is it doesn't pass 3D blu-ray.

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I'm still waiting for a product sample to be reviewed. I was hoping to find someone here (or anywhere on the net, for that matter) who have used this product.

AFAIK it's $299 for the single input and $399 for the 4in-1out version.
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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

that's it? no actual discussion of this product?

Yeah, c'mon Dave!At least give us a mini-review!

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I just talked to KanexPro, my review unit disappeared thanks to UPS. Another unit is on its way for my review.
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Just received my CubeUp last Friday and got to play with it for quite a bit.

First of all, the 2D to 3D conversion is the best I've ever seen in a consumer-level product. I compared it to the Sony HX929 series conversion, Sony LX720 series conversion, Panasonic BDT-310 conversion, Panasonic PT-AE7000U conversion, JVC X70 conversion and Sony VPL-HW1000ES conversion. This unit beats them all.

I haven't got the chance to play with the pop-up setting yet, but straight conversion with factory default, the depth is very natural. In fact, in many close-up scenes, the Blu-ray Conan (2011 - which is a 2D to 3D conversion), the CubeUp converts the faces to 3D much more realistically than the same scene played in native 3D.

The only downside thus far is that the unit requires 7-frame audio delay to sync the sound. So if you have an older receiver that can not do 7-frame delay (some older receivers can only do 5-frame delay max), you're out of luck.

If you guys have any questions, just give me a holler!
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I am about to order one of the kanex pro cube up. I am debating between the 1x1 version and the 4x1 version.I don't need the 4x1 switching capability but I need the IR control that only comes with the 4x1 version. Any one can confirm that the remote on the 4x1 version has 3d controls and not just input controls?
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I can confirm that the review unit I received, the remote can also control the 3D effect.

More importantly, it seems like the conversion is also better on the switcher version. Maybe it's truly better, maybe it's just psychological. Unfortunately I can't A/B them KanexPro sent me the switcher after I returned the CubeUp.
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I got my hands on the 1-1 version, I noticed that it outputs the 3d video in 1080i. Is that normal and is the 4x1 version any different?
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On both my samples they are both 1080p output in 2D and 3D modes
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I got my hand on both versions and I tried both of them with 2 different displays (Marantz SR7005 connected to a Benq W7000 and a toshiba 42tl515u).
In both cases, the video output in 2d-3d mode was 1080i. The 2d mode was 1080p.

Also, for some weird reason, the audio output always switched to PCM stereo. Happened with a PS3 and with a panasonic bdt-310 using both the 1x1 and the 4x1 units.

The 3d video is pretty good and the 4x1 version allows more control (depth / pop) vs just depth for the 1x1 version. I can live with the 1080i but the PCM stereo issue is pretty limiting.
Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

On both my samples they are both 1080p output in 2D and 3D modes
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that is strange. how about it scaler mode? does it still do 1080i and turn the sound into PCM?

If that's the case with your unit, you should then put the KanexPro after the receiver.
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Putting it after the receiver results in the audio being out of sync with video. I tried delaying the audio by 100ms (max on my receiver) and it seems like it could use another 200ms or so. The video was 1080p and the audio was NOT forced to stereo but was useless because it was out of sync. This would be the best option if there was a way to delay the audio by another 1/5th of a second. The issue is non existent when it is in 2d. I will try to change some of the projector settings (turn off the dynamic iris) and see if it makes a difference. I had frame interpolation set to off since it adds about 100ms delay by itself.

Putting it before the receiver is what was interesting. It seems to be source dependent but the stereo issue is consistent among all sources. I tried the following:
Panasonic bdp-210: 1080i video / stereo audio
Boxee Box: 1080p video / stereo audio
PS3: Seems to get no picture at times.

Today, I am going to try a newer sony blu ray player and see how that goes.
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hmmmm. thank you for the input. I'm using the BDT-310 before my Anthem MRX-700 but I didn't get the PCM output. At least I don't think so. I'll double check.

In terms of delay, when installed after receiver, requires 2-frame delay (whatever that is in milisecond)
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Hi team,

Am glad that I found this forum.I need urgent help as I just ordered kanexpro cubeup from amazon. Am in India and I can't get help or buy such products from Indians.

here is my plan: team,please tell me whether this will work pls.

my 2d dish hd settop box with hdmi 1.3 out + kanexpro cubeup + benq w710st with only hdmi 1.3 input + optoma 101 active shutter 3d glass will offer me 3D view or NOT.

if NOT, I need to cancel amazon order. I basically want to convert 2d to 3D because in India there are no 3d broadcast or content.

will this setup work or I need to buy optoma 3dXl adapter too?

I don't know whether I need to buy some other hdmi 1.3 to 1.4 adapter or cable. I don't h

appreciated. I don't have any 3d blueray or i
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feel free to ask me questions or email me hiyatechsolutions@gmail.com. guys again I request you to share your thoughts. if there are any other ideas too,pls advise. thanks
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my review of this unit is available here. My apology to the moderators if this linking is not allowed.

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David, Have you had a chance to try the 3d bee and can you comment on how the kanexpro cube up compares?
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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

hmmmm. thank you for the input. I'm using the BDT-310 before my Anthem MRX-700 but I didn't get the PCM output. At least I don't think so. I'll double check.
In terms of delay, when installed after receiver, requires 2-frame delay (whatever that is in milisecond)

Dave...is that 2 frame delay based on your configuration (ie through the Panasonic AE7000U projector you used in the review) and what Cube mode are you specifically referring to? You mentioned in a previous posting a 7 frame delay is necessary? In your online review you mention and correct me if I'm wrong a 2 frame delay for the bypass mode and a 6 frame delay for the video scaling mode (does this include the 2D-->3D conversion mode as well?)

Can you confirm what signal your projector was receiving out of the Cubeup in 2D->3D mode?

Now curiously...this is a blurb on the IOGEAR 3D Complete + which sounds awfully familiar to the Kanexpro....and looks to me like they derived from the same hardware/chipset. Even down to the model names. Unfortunately the IOGEAR hasn't been getting very good reviews to its conversion quality.

4-port switch connects and switches between 4 HDMI® devices on 1 3DTV or 3D-ready projector
Connect your DVR / Cable box, DVD / Blu-ray player, Game Console, Computers and more...
Advanced 2D to 3D converter* - Expand your existing content and convert it from 2D to 3D for your 3DTV - Convert your favorite TV shows, sporting events, DVD's or HD videos / photos to 3D and maximize your 3DTV experience - User defined 2D to 3D control of the "3D Level", "pop" out and "depth" effects for a personalized 2D to 3D experience
Advanced video processor - Active video enhancement with dynamic frame by frame correction
Gives you that extra crisp clean detail for the best video
Experience more vivid, sharper and brighter videos and photos
Bad light correction and adaptive sharpening
De-blocking and noise reduction of internet video
De-Interlace and Upscale Standard content to High Definition
480p to 720p
720p to 1080p
Supports 3D Ready Projectors - Provides "Page-Flip" and "Frame Sequential" formats
Frame packing - Gives the best 3D video experience at full resolution with 3DTV
Supports both active shutter and passive 3D TVs and glasses

nput Connector: HDMI A Female 19-pin x4
Output Connector: HDMI A Female 19-pin x1
High Speed HDMI Specification: Confirms to HDMI 1.4a & 3D Compliant
Resolutions: Supports 1080p/12-bit Deep color
Supports DTV Input resolutions: of 480i/576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p at 50/60 Hz
Supports DTV Output resolutions: of 480p/576p, 720p and 1080i/1080p at 24/50/60 Hz
Automatic Up-Scaler Built-in for Scaling and supported resolutions:
480i/576i to 1080i
480p/576p to 720p
1080i to 1080i
1080p to 1080p
Image Enchancement:
Image Sharpening - Spatial adaptive ( Gradient Based)
Adaptive Edge Enhancement
Bad Light Correction - Region adaptive
Noise Reduction Mechanism:
De-blocking- reducing compression artifacts
Filtering random noise
Three 2D-3D conversion cases are supported:
HDMI 1.4 compliant input and output to connect a 3DTV with shutter glasses
HDMI 1.4 compliant input and output side by side or line interleaved 3D output for passive glasses with polarized display
HDMI1.4 compliant input and output page flip 3D mode, and conversion of 3D input to page flip mode, for projectors
Button Functions:
Button one: Full Screen PP, Split screen PP & PP off
Button two: 3D Depth Adjustment (2D to 3D mode): 0-10
Edited by derek - 8/1/12 at 1:48pm
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Cubeup 4x1 switcher

So I was looking for a 2D-3D converter that I could use for Netflix streaming with my Viewsonic PLED-W500 HDMI 1.3 projector . I have to say that the 2D-3D conversion of Netflix is actually quite good, especially when the stream is HD. Non HD works fine but keep in mind that the upscaling/processing is not active while doing 2D-3D conversion. I should also mention I was streaming via my PC and that the new Silverlight player offers exceptional streaming quality compared to the older Silverlight version.

Blu-ray 2D-3D conversion was really good as well. I have to agree with David that the effect seems to be more natural than a few of the 2D-3D studio conversions I've seen.

I also used it to play a 3D Blu-ray from my playstation 3, which it easily converted the outputted format to frame sequential for my projector. Before getting to the main menu, it was great to hit the 2D-3D conversion button and watch the trailers in 3D. Once the option came up to select the option of playing the movie in 3D, I disabled the 2D-3D conversion that I had just been using and switched to bypass mode. The only trouble I had was as soon as I selected play in 3D the screen cut in and out for about 30 seconds until things seemed to synchronize, then it played without a hitch.

Overall I'm liking it so far and will keep it, only because I got it at 50% off. Too expensive at $400 imo.

One other thing, the EDID shows Silicon Image as the manufacturer.
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theres one on ebay for 135
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Has anyone here compared the 2012 Kanex Pro convertor to the 2013 3d bee Diamond? I got a Diamond for $250 with free glasses but the Kanex Pro seems to retail nowadays at $300-400
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