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Kylie Minogue Aphrodite 3D

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Like her or not, if you want to see a really really good application of 3D technology (IMO), see this 2 hour live performance.
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I couldn't agree more. Also, the fact that the concert was filmed differently in 2D and 3D shows how much attention was paid to the 3D presentation.

BTW, Palladia HD is showing a shorter version of the concert this month but do yourself a favor and check out the 3D version - the scope and spectacle of the show is amazing.
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Thanks for the heads up! Grabbed it at Best Buy today and plan to watch tonight.
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Absolutely outstanding - both the video and the concert. It is not to be missed.
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I hate to say this but she is hot in a skanky sort of way! Generally, that's not my thing.
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Watched a bit on Comcast On Demand last night, they seem to have the full 2 hour show.

It was very impressive but the music is not for me so I turned started skipping ahead after the second song.
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Kylie has a form of Disco beat to almost all her numbers. If you don't care for disco music you probably will not like her video. However if you love 3D it may still be something you rent to view once as I did. And her last number, the water one, is not to be missed!
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I just purchased this bluray and all I have to say is OMFG this is awesome!!!!! I think Kylie set a new standard as to how a concert bluray should be filmed and produced! I love in the opening with the guy performing underwater ballet, floating in mid air!
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I aboslutely love Kylie. I own literally all of her singles and albums. However, seeing her lip-syncing a lot more than usual on this video makes me want to get my money back.
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It´s the best quality 3D concert I have seen but the music got boring soon , at least for me .
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