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Playstation 3 & HT-CT150

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Question: I got the HT-CT150 for Christmas. So far it sounds pretty good, but I can hardly ever get it to switch off of LPCM. I'm not a home audio buff and I'm not even sure of its capabilities. I do know that LPCM seems to be a far inferior method than Dolby 5.1.

When playing Blu-Ray movies it still says LPCM despite me having turned on *every* audio option under the audio settings. I cannot disable LPCM under the audio section.

Is this something I should worry about? Should I attempt to get it to play in full 5.1? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT #1: My set up is PS3 connected via HDMI to HT-CT150 which is connected to Samsung HD TV via HDMI. Or in short... PS3 -- HDMI -- HT-CT150 -- HDMI -- Samsung TV

EDIT #2: Update: After much searching I've realized I needed to convert my audio to "bitstream". Under the Playstation 3's audio settings there are no such options. Apparently I needed to go under the video settings for Blu-Ray & DVD audio playback and change it form Linear to Bitstream. This appears to have fixed my issue; but still – I would appreciate any clarity that anyone would like to add I'm somewhat of a n00b.
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You really didn't have an issue. As long as the player is connected via HDMI to the CT150, you get the same result regardless of whether you use bitstream or LPCM. The only difference is which piece of equipment does the "unzipping".
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