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KABC LA again demonstrates their incompetence  

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I was hoping to see how Stuart Little looked in HD on ABC tonight (Sunday). But KABC LA decided not to give it to me. At 7pm, they had The Practice on. I guess they decided to use the east coast feed here in LA. After a few minutes of this, they switched to Stuart Little. Only it wasn't in HD. It was in KABC's bizarre 14:9 SD zooming. So I turned it off. Once again, KABC demonstrates that it is the worst DTV provider in Los Angeles. I guess they must have cut everyone's salary so much that any competent engineer quit and they hired monkeys.

I also now understand why KABC uses that bizarre 14:9 zoom with thin side bars. This way, when they forget to switch in the HD feed, they hope they can fool us into thinking we're seeing HD because their SD zoom almost fills the 16:9 screen. KABC, you've been caught.
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ABC may be the worst of the big 3, of course we don't count FAUX, but KCOP has a digital channel running and I swear I can't see any difference from their NTSC channel.

Your take on the 14:9 is so true. I was in a semi-highend HT shop a few weeks ago. The owner had a nice Elite all set up with 7.1 and we were chatting about HDTV. I commented he should run a HD loop during the day instead of that ABC channel he was airing. His answer was, why? ABC airs HD all the time! I just laughed and showed him that little black bar on the lefthand side of the screen. He looked closely, then sheepishly admitted he'd been fooled for long time. I'm not even sure the guy has ever seen HD. :D

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Thanks for relaying that story, Terry. It made me laugh. Maybe my theory isn't so outrageous after all.
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Yes; I just read that "how many dig. stations do you get",thread. Several mention 13 in LA--(Some are easier to please.) Now that the Dodgers are on this channel tis sad, no hd picture;or anything close--just the audio.Not that there is anything specialabout the audio;just that it is digital. Geo
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