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Marantz AV7005 vs Denon4311 or Others?

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Hi, I am currently running a B&K Ref 50 with a NAD Master Series 7 channel amp to Paradigm Studio Series 100v2 mains, Studio CC 570 center, and four Studio Series in ceiling as surrounds. I have one sub (HSU VTF-2). My sources are PS3 (movies and gaming) and a Marantz DVD-18 for CD's. I have a second zone (6 speakers) that is controlled by the Ref 50 and powered by a 6 channel B&K amp.

I am looking to get into the newer audio formats, specifically those for blue rays and gaming. I think it is time to replace my Ref 50 that I've owned for 7+ yrs.

The new NAD Master Seried HD pre/pro is out of my price range, so I've been reading about the Marantz AV7005. I keep seeing the Denon 4311CI pop up as a more feature packed performer at the same price point. My original thought is since I've already got the NAD Master Series amp, I should stay with separates and go for the Marantz.

I could sell the NAD amp and the B&K, and get the Denon and be out to pocket $0. That option scares me as the NAD amp is a beast and drives my 100's like a champ. I just cant believe that the 4311 internal amps are in the league of the $2K, 95 pound NAD amp - I know I could be wrong here, but it doesn't make sense to me.

I am 80% movies, games, sports TV versus 20% music. Running ITunes and satellite radio would be very cool.

I do not have local dealers that I can audition the gear. Everything will be purchased mail order.

I'd like to throw my situation out to you guys and get some informed opinions. Am I missing an option?

Lastly will these newer units with their advanced audio formats be a noticeable sonic improvement over the older B&K?


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For the bang on the buck column, i'd give a serious look to either the Onkyo 1009 or the Integra 70.3. Both would be good contenders IMO. Both supply pre-outs to keep external amps happy and does one thing that most others don't (yet), 4K upscaling for that future display.

Seriously though, i'd give them a long hard look. It'd seem the QC issues that plagued the Onkyos for the past few years have been cleared up.
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My display is a Sharp 60" LED LCD (832 model) with AT&T uverse as my cable provider if that makes a difference.
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I suggest getting the 4311 and see for yourself if the amp is adequate. If it is, then you can sell the NAD. If not, use it as a pre for the NAD. The 4311 can be found on sale for under $1300 from time to time. The 4311 is a superior pre to the 7005 in that it has the highest audyssey and it can do 11.2.

The 4311 amp isn't as good as the NAD amp in terms of distortion and power, but the difference may be so small that you won't notice any difference.
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