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My new soda fountain

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So my better half has agreed to let me convert our basement into a man cave!

The plan is open concept for a pool room/home theatre/bar/family room.

One of the first accessories I've scored is a pre-mix soda fountain head. (I know the post mix units seem to be the preferred, but this will actually work better for us)

I have a CO2 tank, still need to source out a couple corny kegs regulator and hosing. I'm going to start calling the local home brewing places in the GTA.

My unit is the type with the water tank and refrigeration unit built in. My question, is there anything special i need to do when cleaning the water tank? there's some green goop in it that I'd like to clean out, but I'm concerned about using any cleaning products as the copper cooling coil runs through the water bath.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Well, I just finished testing the refrigeration on the unit. Filled the reservoir with water and let it run overnight. It certainly works, woke up to a solid block of ice. I was under the impression that these units were supposed to have a water circulation pump to keep it from totally freezing. After closer inspection I don't see a pump or any water lines running to and from the reservoir.

Am I supposed to put in ice cubes instead of water and let the unit keep the ice cool? Or am i missing parts?

By the way, the unit is made by Alco Dispensing Canada, and the model is Gemini.

Hopefully I didn't damage anything by letting it freeze up.


Found a minor issue.....someone cut the probe off of the thermostat

Does anyone know where in or around Toronto I can source out a Ranco thermostat/ice bank control part # C12-1800-035 or equivalent?
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I would say that Instead of water circulating to stop it freezing the product lines.
it would use glycol/Antifreeze this will be inside the cold plate. which the product tubing will pass through.

Hey, this is the machine to have, its much simpler and will produce better tasting soda than Post mix, as you don't have syrups moldering around in the product tubes.
The product will stay nice and fresh + you can also dispense beer through it.

You'l need to see if you can get Premix tanks from Coke Or Pepsi, if you cant you can make it your self, just get a Soda keg for each carbonated product you won't then place 4L of Syrup inside the Keg Fill it up with plain water, place in the fridge overnight with co2 Gas connected. Wham bam your'v got Soda. then Connect it up to the dispenser.

Not that you need to Chile the product while carbonating it, you may find it easer to place all the kegs in a Fridge and then run the Tubes to Your Dispenser.

You could also dispense a non carbonated product like Real Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or Wine. You'l need to Get these in bag'n Box (ready to drink) Simply connect the bag'n box to a Syrup Pump then run a line from the pump to your Premix dispenser

Good luck
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Just found this forum and would like to ask if you ever found a manual or source for parts for your Alco Dispensing unit.
I have the same unit. Its complete and I have just begun collecting the remainder of what I need to start vending soda.
I have just bought a McCann carbonator today. Next I will start looking for used syrup pumps. Just started to look for places to get the syrup.
Any advice you can provide would be welcome.
Thanks, in advance.
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