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VIZIO 3D vs LG 3D Tv's?

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Hey everyone!

I'm new here :P and I was just looking for some of your expert advice here on what 3DTV I should buy.

I've got a budget of about $1k, and I'm trying to get passive 3D because the glasses are cheaper. My minimum screen size would have to be 42" and the max would be 50".

So far I've found these two, and I'm unsure of which to buy:

lg. com/us/tv-audio-video/televisions/LG-led-tv-47LW5300.jsp
LG: 47LW5300

vizio. com/led-lcd-hdtvs/m3d460sr.html

(sorry about not making those links clickable,some 3 post requirement -.-)
I don't understand much of all the technical jargon on there but I have heard from somewhere that Vizio is a new company and the parts for their products come from all around the world, so they might be poor quality.

Can you guys give me any suggestions? Maybe a different 3DTV than either of those?

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Vizio is not that new. It has been around since 2002 and in recent years has been near the top of the sales rankings in the US in overall number of sets sold. It is known as a "value" brand and most of their sales are through discounters and warehouse stores.

They do source components from a variety of manufacturers but so many of the "standard" brands share components as well.

I have purchased 2 Vizios over the past 5 years. While they may not be as good as a high end Samsung or Sony they are quite good and the price/performance ratio is fantastic. I've had no problems with reliability and the discounted Costco extended warranty through SquareTrade gives me peace of mind.

CNET has reviewed one of the Vizio XVT3 full LED array sets and gave it an Editors Choice ranking in the past.
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If you can go a little over budget, you could get the lw476500. Amazon has it for $1,115.44. Excellent passive 3D and the 2D image is great also. 240 refresh rate.
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if this will be your main TV, i wouldn't try to base you decision entirely on budget. i'd be patient about buying tv especially main tv. i wouldn't compromise on quality too much.

I'd wait till april-jun time frame to save up a few more dollars and prices come down on better quality tv's.

full array local dimming has the best picture quality among led lcd tv's. edgelit's are inferior but acceptable for second tv's.
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Thanks for all the help guys!
My final purchase was a LG 47LW6500 :P
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