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{HELP Needed} Writing DIY Home Theater Reference Manual

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Hello everyone.
First off I want to thank everyone on these threads this has been amazing information. I have spent the last few weeks reading and drooling over these amazing projects. I am almost ready to start my journey, however, I am an engineer and can't help but want to gather as much information as I can and detail everything out as much as possible in this first stage.

Right now I am drawing my entire house in AutoCAD (3D of course). I still have a many weeks left to take all my measurements. I am not sure when I will be able to start any construction, even after design phase is over. I just moved to a new house and am waiting to sell my old house. I also don't plan on rushing anything as I have little time to actually work with a young family, late hours at work, and talks of trying to have another baby when our other house sells. We have one daughter she turned two in August. I was just getting to the point of catching up on sleep and having time to work on projects. Guess I might have to wait another few years to really get started on construction. However as I said I want to do tons of up front planning to make the build go "easier".

In the midst of all my reading I realized I wanted to create a reference manual not just for myself to refer back during the design phase, but also for others like me just starting out. I spent the day creating the start of the manual. It is in very early stages (obviously day one of writing however week 2 of reading). I wanted to get it out in front of people early to give a sample of what I am working on, but also more importantly to try and get some expert advice and help. If anyone would like to donate some time to add reference material to this manual I would greatly appreciate it. There are a few people that seem to provide a lot of advice and I hope they can come on board and add to this book. If you are interested in adding any material please read through the manual and provide any documents you can or pictures describing one of the categories.

Also even if you don't want to provide time and wouldn't mind allowing me to use your thread or pictures please let me know.

Finally if you happen to spot any information you believe is not correct please let me know. Trust me I won't get offended and I really want this to be as accurate as possible.

IF INTERESTED PLEASE PM ME (hirec) so we can discuss any contributions you would like to add. I will add your name to the contribution page and make sure I give credit where credit is due.

If nobody is interested I still plan on continuing this document for my own reference by scouring the forums. I will do my best to update the document and share with everyone.

(Had to remove pictures and zip PDF to get under file size I'll add and share through skydrive if I need to for future)


Guidelines For DIY Home Theater - (pics removed).zip 493.5380859375k . file
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Good luck on your project, I am not sure if your ever saw this post and excellent list of links to reference material


Keep me in the loop, I may be willing to provide some pictures from my projects.
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I actually just saw that today. Yes that definitely looked like it would be a big help. I still think there is value in gathering the information into a document for reference vs looking through so many links and literally hundreds of pages where a lot of repeat information is given. I thought it made sense to have the information gathered in logical groups to prevent duplicate topics. Although I have enjoyed reading through the hundreds of pages when it comes time to sit and actually work up the design it would be nice to have just one source covering all the main themes. I might need to just gather some pictures and information from the forums and ask peoples permission. I have gathered a lot of information so far from reading about the following users closely... Tony123,CJO, BIGmouthinDC, Ted White, and SMX. I know I want to create something for myself at least for reference book, but curious if others think it's a good idea and would be value added. Or maybe everyone enjoys the journey and all the reading. It was pretty fun and I felt as if I almost got to personally know these people. I tried incorporating stories and some humor to lighten it up since it is technical. What are other's thoughts.

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone.
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A few years ago a user on the forum (I think it was warrenp) published an ebook about theater construction. Just thought I would mention that. Good luck on your project.
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