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Radiance XE/XS ventilation?

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I'm designing the layout of my equipment racks for my new theater room. I'm planning to use a Radiance (probably an XS, possibly an XE) in my system, and I'd like to know what folks have found in terms of ventilation requirements. The XS is 1 rack unit and the XE is 2 units, but do I need to leave an empty unit above them? I don't know how much heat these guys really make.

The rack itself will have active fan cooling to pull hot air out of the rack.

I looked in the FAQs both here and on Lumagen's site, and I didn't find any recommendations.

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I have a TiVo Premier sitting on top of my Lumagen XS and an Oppo Blu-Ray underneath, and it does get fairly warm. For safety I got a 120mm fan kit from coolerguys.com with a thermal sensor that I placed at the back right corner of the Lumagen (where it seems to get hottest). I have 2 120mm fans that blow directly on to the back of all 3 devices when the thermal sensor detects the heat building (which is typically whenever they're on). Ever since doing that the temperatures of the devices have remained quite cool under all operating conditions.

If you're going to put something else directly on top of the Lumagen I'd recommend something active like that, but it's probably not required. Without the fan I wouldn't say it gets hot by any means, but it does warm up a bit and for longevity's sake the cooler you can keep it the better.
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Thanks, that's very helpful. I did a draft layout of the rack this evening, and it looks like I can put the Lumagen near the fan bar at the top of the rack with some space above it. Sounds like that should be fine!
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