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Sound proofing options

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M finally getting around to finishing my theater. *The room shares one wall with our main living room. *This wall has three in wall speakers which can be easily heard when in the theater. *The theater wall has one layer of drywall up. *What are my options for cutting down on the sound transmission? *I dont mind pulling down the drywall and installing resilient channel. *Or could I add a second layer of drywall with green glue in between?
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It seems like there are three components to effective sound control: Mass (double 5/8" drywall), decoupling (clips and resilient channel or staggered studs) and damping (Green Glue between drywall layers). I suppose you don't have to do all three but I don't think you can depend on good results unless you do.

You are also going to have to build back boxes for the in wall speakers.

If you only treat the front wall, I think you will have problems with flanking. Take a look at the articles at www.soundproofingcompany.com.
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In any case, resilient channel is NOT something you want to use. You'd want isolation clips, HAT channel, two layers of drywall with green glue, fiberglass insulation between the studs (for resonance) and no holes in the drywall (for speakers, electrical outlets, etc.) You could build back boxes from MDF + Green Glue but you may not have the cavity depth for that.

When you're all done ... you will have flanking through the side walls, floor, and ceiling. Not a good situation to be in.
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Sounds like the drywall has to come down and redone. I can live with that, its just screwed up no mud fortunatley. I did 90% of the construction on the house and just about all the walls were built twice (not by mistake, i didnt like the layout). I do have insulation on all walls and ceiling cavity. Ill check the cavity depth for the back boxes once the drywall is down. Ill try and get some pictures tonight as well. Maybe the best thing is to remove the inwall speakers in the living room and add some small satilites.

Ill do a search but is there any place in the New Hampshire area that supplies HAT channel and clips?
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Doing just one wall is a lot of effort and $ when the sound will just flank the wall. Sound doesn't travel in one direction.
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I only have two interior walls in the HT. The others are all exterior. My main concern is the noise from the inwall speakers. If im sitting in the game room outside the theater, i dont hear anyting from the inwall speakers. Its going to be a compromise unless i tear all the drywall down.
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Maybe it's time to call in a professional.
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I have worked with both Dennis Erskine and Ted White (www.soundproofingcompany.com) Both have provided excellent service and I recommend them highly.
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