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New reciver/speaker setup Help!

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Current setup:

1. Sony BDV-E580

2. Two Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II

Recently ordered:

1. Energy-Take Classic 5.1

My dilemma is I'm currently trying to look for a 7.1 receiver that can run my PA Monitor70's at maximum power, when it comes to higher end receivers I'm pretty much still a noop. I heard that bi-amping is one of the ways you could power larger speakers, I'm thinking about purchasing the (Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1) Just running it by anyone who could give me good opinion about this new setup.

Also: I was thinking about ordering this speaker-wire
1. Metra S16-100 100 feet 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire
But again still not sure about type of Gauge
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Monitor70 towers are fairly efficient speakers with a sensitiity rating of 90dB, so any modern a/v receiver in the 80wpc or above range will power them just fine (at least to earbleed levels). Check newegg.com for sales on the Pioneer VSX-1021 and 1121 (get the 1121 if it comes on sale again).

any decent 16 gauge or 14 gauge (my personal minimum) copper wire will work fine, even lamp cord from Home Depot or Lowes. http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm#wiretable

I am confused a bit....you have two Polk Monitor70 towers and you purchased the Energy Takes for what purpose ???? It would be very easy to finish out a matching Polk HT setup by adding a CS2 center and Monitor30 surrounds.
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About the matching Polk HT setup.. what about the sub? sorry still new to this.

Also its still not to late to return the Take Classics.

Thanks for the help.
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the Polks will match up with just about any powered subwoofer, like the Polk PSW505 or BIC F12....watch for sales on either model.

What size is your room ? Anything more than a small bedroom or den, and the Energy Takes will be severly challenged to provide enough audio for a larger room.

My recommendation is fill out a system with the Monitor70's you already have and watch for a Newegg sale on the 1021, 1121, or some of the Yamaha receivers they put on sale fairly often.
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The only reason I purchased the energy speakers was because they where the only ones my speaker stands supported but, that sort of logic does not stand if they under-perform in a large room

> Whats your take on this setup??

1. Receiver> Pioneer VSX-1021-k

2. Front> Two Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II

3. center> Polk Audio CS1 Series II
Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882290210

4. sides > pair Polk Audio OWM3 (Compatible with my speaker stands)
5. Back > pair Polk Audio OWM3
Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882290026

6. Sub> Polk Audio DSWPRO 440wi 8"
Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882290225

Also: I noticed the Polk Monitor40/Monitor30 both support bi-amping... does Bi-amping really make a noticeable deference?

-Thank you for your info.
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forget bi-amp/bi-wiring - just will not produce much improvement in the overall sound quality of your system unless you are truly using external amplifiers (and the 1021 does not have analog pre-outs to drive an external amp).

I strongly suggest you consider the CS2 center with the Monitor70 towers. It is the Polk recommended match for the 70's, and is an excellent center channel speaker. (I have a system with 70's and a CS2 as the front 3 - very nice performing system)

I have no experience with the Polk 440 sub, but I tend to prefer 10" or 12" powered subwoofers (or two ) in larger rooms.
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Sounds very good, switching to the Polk CS2 for center.

Neweggs currently out on the PSW505 any thoughts on the PSW110?


Or the Pioneer SW-8 IF (to save some $ if good)

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I cannot recommend any Polk sub below the PSW505....they were made for a price point and, sadly, sound like it. You need to stay with a 10" or 12" subwoofer (or two )

a couple decent entry level subs to consider 12" "Dayton" from Parts-Express http://www.parts-express.com/pe/show...number=300-635
or a 12" BIC F-12 http://www.parts-express.com/pe/show...number=303-436 ( shop around for best price on the F-12 )
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Newegg just restocked the PSW10, However A 12" sub like the PSW505 makes more since in a larger room. so either I wait until newegg restocks or consider F-12/Dayton subs. or better yet two PSW10

Will the VSX-1021-k support two subs? or am I looking at VSX-1121-K if I decide to take that root.
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the 1121 has two RCA connectors for the subwoofers, but I don't think it has separate bass controls for each port....it's more a convenience, than true separate bass management.

Next time you are on Newegg, sign up for their "e-Blast" sale emails, and on the product page for the PSW505, click the "Auto Notify" button or the "Price Alert" selection to get your notification on the status of the subwoofer. (you need a Newegg account for these options, but it's no big deal if you don't already have one).
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Done and done.

btw, you mentioned you owned Polk Audio Monitor70's and a CS2. I would like to know the rest of your setup if i may

Also, Have you ever gone with another company for a complete system besides polk?
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