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I was disappointed to find that my NEC NP215 which does not have HDMI could not receive the 3D signal from my Sony BDP BX58.

As a newbie, I didn't realize that 3D was being implemented on Blu-Ray players as HDMI 1.4.

Since this projector is used in my car barn for ad hoc entertainment I'm not crazy about buying another projector just for the limited 3D (my CARS 2 DVD).

Is it possible to buy an adapter that will take the 1.4 HDMI and convert to DLP 3D composite or Video?

Or are there Blu-Ray players that have both HDMI and video/component 3D output?

Failing that, do the low end projectors that are now coming with HDMI support the 1.4 3D? or are they still just DLP 3D?

Thanks for any help.