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Moved to Vienna, VA, now no ABC-HD  

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This past weekend, I moved from an apartment in Clarendon, Arlington to a townhouse in Vienna, VA. I used to get 52 WMAR from baltimore with an 80 signal strength in arlington. Now, I get all the DC stations from my antenna, but no signal from the Baltimore ones.

does anyone else in Vienna / Oakton get the Baltimore channels? If so, what are you using.

My antenna is a CM 4 bay bow tie in an attic mount. I get almost all the DC stations at 80 to 90 signal level (no amplification).

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Anthony-- That's what you get for moving from close-in Clarendon to way-out Vienna!! (Just kidding).

Have you researched your Vienna location on antennaweb.org? You might be in a low-elevation area, in which case:

1. Try amplication. Since WMAR-DT's antenna is colocated with many other Baltimore broadcasters. you may get some idea of the propects for amplification-improvement by judging the signal/noise quality of some analog UHF stations (24, 45, etc.). If they appear half decent, an amp might work for you.

2. Do you have the option of putting the CM on the roof?

Gerald C
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This fall WJLA is supposed to start broadcasting in HD. I watch the Baltimore statin right now but I can get a much stronger signal from WJLA. Hopefully they are telling the truth since I want the 5.1 DD with the movies unlike the otehr networks.
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I think I am in a valley (my complex has valley in the name, DOH! :) ). Roof is not an option (HOA rules, but they do allow the satellite dish). There was a crappy antenna with preamp in the attic already (looked mid 80's vintage), so I just swapped in my CM, removed the preamp (no power cord to it, so it must not have boosted the signal that much), and voila, I had the DC stations coming in great.

But zilch on the baltimore stations. I'll recheck the analog stations and see if I can get 45 at all.

good news about WJLA. I was bummed to miss Alias in HD (although I did get to see Sopranos in HD for the first time).

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Anthony - if you own the house - the roof IS an option, HOA rules be damned... See my sig...
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As Scooper says, you probably have the right to place a roof antenna. Check the FCC rules.

What you saw as a preamp without a cord may have been an inline bullet amp, which is powered via DC on the coax from a remote power source. These are effective and preferred for UHF.

Gerald C
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You may well be in a valley, but there are some areas over there that do get Baltimore. For example, I was in the Myer-Emco store in Tyson's Corner near the intersection of route 7 and Chain Bridge Road. They do have a roof antenna, but they get Baltimore DT stations from there. It's amazing how different reception experiences can be within the same block much less moving from Arlington to Fairfax.
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Yeah, the antenna I removed looked like a UHF only antenna.

If I do amplify it, should I wire in an outlet in the attic (there's a light and attic fan wired up there already), or can I amplify at at the end, near my HT equipment?

Well, the HOA came up with a distinct set of rules allowing sat dishes, provided they are behind the roof line. Mine is in front of the roof line (only way to see around the trees). Nobody's complained yet, so I'm not going to rock the boat. Besides, if I can get the attic to work, I'd rather not have the antenna on the roof.

Thanks for the input,
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With the remote amplifier concept, you can insert the power at any point where there is DC continuity between the insertion point and the amp (no splitters or other AC devices in the line). Often it is most convenient to do this right at the tuner end. The most recommended UHF remote amp is a CM-7775 (about $60 from starkelectronic.com and others).

I understand it looks better to avoid the outdoor antenna, but know your rights just in case. Your HOA rules (unless you live in a historic district or non-fee-simple condo, etc.) are overruled with respect to both small satellite dishes and OTA broadcast TV antennas by Federal regulation and statute. And the kicker is: any burden of contention lies with your HOA. They have to prove any counter-argument before the FCC; you just sit back and laugh. Definitely read the FCC link posted above.

Gerald C
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Welcome to Vienna. I get 52 from my roof antenna, but I must point it toward Baltimore. The problem is that the signal drops out enough that it is really unwatchable. Gets really bad when a plane flies over. My fried who lives a mile away and is up on a hill says he gets it good.

I don't think homeowner's assocaitions can restrict antennas in any way. Do a search on the the subject and you will gets lots of info.

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