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My Upstairs Theatre - work in progress

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Room Info:
17.5 x 14.5 x 9 Room
100% Light Controlled
Palliser Pacifico Seats

HT / Music Setup:
B&W CM9 Fronts
B&W CMC2 Center
B&W DS3 Surrounds
SVS PB10-NSD Sub (Seaton Submersive HP on the way....)
Emotiva XPA-5
Pioneer 1018AH Receiver (Will change to Denon 4311ci / Anthem 50v in next year)
Sonos System

Epson 8350 Projector (To be upgraded ~2 years to a JVC model)
Visual Apex VAPEX9100 100" Screen
AT&T U-Verse
PS3 60GB Original w/ SACD
XBOX 360 Black

Acoustic Treatments:
ATS Acoustics 24x48x2: 4 Panels
ATS Acoustics 24x24x2: 2 Panels

APC H10 Power Conditioner
2 Dedicated 20A Circuits
2TB NAS With Lossless Music
Harmony 1100 Remote
Monoprice Cables

Sorry for the dark pictures, the room is very very dark, and the lights in there are not strong enough to really fill it up. The paint in reality is a dark burgundy color, think a strong Shiraz or Cabernet. The acoustic panels are almost exactly the same color as the wall, in the pictures they come up a bit purple, but they are not.

Upcoming Changes:
Getting some black fabric to cover the windowsill beneath the screen and clean up the look of the front.
Replacing all the outlets with black outlets. - Done
Replacing all the speaker wall plates with banana plug plates, painted to match the wall. - Done
Trying to figure out a good way to route the wire to the DS3's, originally I had floor-standing rears. Anyone have any good suggestions on cable tracks or such? Preferably paintable so I can blend them into the wall. - Done

Major Projects Under Consideration
The room is not soundproof, and it is above my bedroom. My wife dislikes the noise, and it means I don't get to be in there when she's sleeping. We might, someday, have the room redone and completely soundproofed. If anyone had undergone a project like this, please do tell me, as I'm interested in what it cost.
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Very nice set-up. My only minor feedback is to work on wire management. Anyway to run the surround wires in the wall or hide them better?
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Yea that's my biggest issue w/ the room right now. I had paradigm monitor 7's as my surrounds, and just got the DS3s for christmas. Now the plugs are in the wrong place. One of my questions is about good cable tracks that I could then paint so the wiring isn't ugly and exposed as in the pics.
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Most hardware stores should carry some type of cable channel/conduit/raceway product you can paint over.

Fantastic setup, otherwise.
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I think I see a racing wheel with 3 pedals
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If this is "A work in progress," you sure are off to an incredible start!
Great Job!
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Haha yep. T500rs for grand turismo. My other hobby is racing cars. Garage is a palace for my Evo x. :-)
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Since its upstairs does the whole house shake from the subwoofers? Lol
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It does indeed. One of the reasons we're considering having the room torn down and rebuilt soundproofed.
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Love to see dedicated theater rooms. Every house deserves one

Good start to your new project, thumbs up!
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Originally Posted by roadster-s View Post

Love to see dedicated theater rooms. Every house deserves one

Good start to your new project, thumbs up!

I agree. Everytime I tell my gf that I plan to upgrade I tell her I have vision. She doesn't like my visions anymore dedicated room...one day.

To the op, if you remodel the room don't forget to take pics and show us the progress!
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Few minor updates this weekend:

Got all the plugs/speaker terminals/light switches changed to black ones.

Got cable tracks installed and painted.

I also painted the AC vents the ceiling red color so they blend in.
No more work to be done, I think it's finished except for upgrading some more gear :-)
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Very nicely done. Love the CM9's! No more work to be done? Yeah, right.
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Focus is on 2-ch in my office now.

Senn HD650 on its way
Woo Audio WA3 ordered as well.

That'll make being downstairs bearable :-)
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Hey jp, very nice and clean room, congrats! Love those B&Ws!!

I did soundproof my room and it works great! I had exactly the same problem you do, my wife goes to bed early and doesn't like the noise... You can do it yourself and save a whole bunch in the process. A double layer of 5/8" drywall with either Green Glue (if budget permits) or just caulking in between, all joints and plugs sealed should do the trick, depending on where the room is in the house. You might still have some low freqs leaks (aside from concrete walls nothing can fully stop those) but overall you will notice a considerable improvement. Let me know if you have any questions. Again, great job on the room.
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Finally addressing the largest weakness of the system :-)

A submersive HP is now on order and will come in next week. I'll update when I get it :-)
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Very nice nice setup! Love the B&W's and the Seaton would be a great addition to the room! I like how you've cleaned up the wiring problem also. Enjoy!
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Two big updates:
Seaton Submersive HP is in
Pioneer 1018 replaced with Denon 4311.

Mini reviews -
Denon: Audyssey xt32 does a better job in my room than mcacc did, the denon does sound better to my ear w/ my lossless music. Haven't tested the video scaling yet, will try some netflix tonight to see how it cleans it up. Audyssey also allows me to run my bass a bit hot, which leads to...
Submersive: I love bass. I was initially disappointed, I played master & commander, and it honestly didn't do any better than my svs pb10 had. Very depressing, until someone pointed out to me that the bluray m&c only goes down to 30hz vs the dvd going to 15 or so. So I put on bass I love you to check out the lows, and it was great. Played come gears of war, and every shot was like a small hit in the chest. It is perfect.

I'll try and get some pics tonight to update the first post.
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Nice HT you have there. Your B&W CM9's are beautiful! Congrats!

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