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Help with Atlas 1056 remote and Logitech speakers

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I've got a Logitech Z-680 speaker set that can be controlled by remote. I recently upgraded my DVR from TW and so they gave me a new remote. The new remote is a Atlas 1056B01 remote.

I'm trying to get the AUD button the remote programmed to control the Logitech speakers, but nothing seems to be working. I had the previous universal remote from TW programmed to control them, so I know it isn't totally impossible. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking and didn't grab the programming codes off the old remote before the tech left.

I found this old thread that is for a different logitech speaker system and the 1055 remote, but it didn't seem to work: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...php?p=15394434
I'm not sure if the problem is the different remote or the different speaker setup. It kind of acts like the remote doesn't like the 00117 code - either that or the way to enter the code is different on this remote.

If anyone has any insights or solutions it would be greatly appreciated.
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The Z-5500 and your Z-680 use exactly the same codes, so the ones you found should work fine. Did you assign setup code 1370 to AUX first (not 1377)? Is it possible the device type for AUX isn't an audio type? Make sure it is, then assign code 1370, then try a short press and release of setup followed by 00117.

If you don't know how to change the device type of the AUX button (I don't remember either), you could also try TV 1326, CBL 1807, or DVD 0823, and they should all work equally well with the posted EFCs.
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Thanks for the quick reply!

The AUD button is an AUD device and I have it set for 1370.

I did make some progress through playing with different suggestions found around the web

One source of difficultly was that apparently the instructions for programming the atlas 1056 remote are a little different than the 1055. On the 1056 the sequence is:
  1. Press and release AUD
  2. Press and hold SETUP until the remote blinks twice
  3. Type 994
  4. Press and release SETUP
  5. Type [button code]
  6. Press AUD [device key to assign button code for]
  7. Press the desired button to assign the code to

Not pressing the device button was apparently part of the issue. You're right that the codes that are listed do match up for the Z-680 as well. So I have all the buttons assigned now EXCEPT for the power button.

It doesn't seem to matter what sequence of buttons I use after the code for the power button, the remote gives me the long error blink when I press the power button. I can assign 00117 to other buttons on the remote and they work properly, but it won't let me assign it to the actual POWER button.

Any ideas?
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Oh and BTW... the short press of setup and then punching in a key code also doesn't seem to work on the 1056.
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Yes, a lot of cable remotes don't let you change the power button, so you'll just have to pick another button. Any other key besides a device selection key is fine. I think Shift-Power should work. To do that just precede the power button with a short press of setup when programming it. Use it the same way, by preceding it with a short press of setup. Using the setup key this way is called a shifted function. You can pretty much double the number of functions on the keypad with this technique.

AFAIK, setup followed by a 5 digit code should work on your remote. You have to do it fairly quickly, all 6 presses within 2 or 3 seconds. You can hold the final digit to keep sending the signal. I've had a few atlases in the past, including the 1056, and never had an issue like that.

If you don't mind investing in a JP1.3 cable, you can reassign the power button as well as do lots of other things like 5 functions per button, including device buttons, such as short press, long press, double press, shifted press and double shifted press, and do nested macros, fast macros, device specific macros (as opposed to global), key group mapping, device multiplexing, variable macro pauses, device state tracking, load new devices and protocols, import pronto hex, etc., all using a graphical programming interface similar to harmony (but much better).
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Thanks mdavej.

It looks like I just wasn't pressing the keys fast enough on the trial-code combination.

It definitely looks like the power button is locked but it looks like the shifted power button is locked as well. When I try this...

1. Hold Setup
2. 994
3. Short Setup
4. 00117
5. Short Setup
6. Power

I get the long blink error. I've also tried it with the AUD button between steps 4 and 5.

So is it possible that the shifted power is also locked? I don't supposed there is any way to unlock the remote without a JP1.3 cable?

I hear you that there are plenty of cool things I could do with a JP1.3 cable but since I fight with computers all day long for a job, I try to avoid too much experimentation at home. Other than getting my power button to work, I'm not sure that I'd want to do much customization - it does most of what I need with the standard codes.
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I have an Atlas 1056B01, and I can confirm that the Master Power button can not have an EFC assigned to it or to it as a shifted button.
A JP1.3 cable does allow you to make the above assignments.
Consider using PIP On/OFF as a surrogate Power button for Audio-- it is reasonably mnemonic, and probably has no other use in Audio.

Finally just for clarity for other readers, step 6 in post #3 in this thread is not required, but it doesn't hurt to do it.
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Thanks guys!

By the way, is there an "easy" way to convert the hex codes that seem to be the typical method of posting the remote code into the 5 digit codes that go into the 1056? For example, codes like this:

0000 006c 0000 0020 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 0046 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 0689 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 0046 000a 0046 000a 0046 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 001e 000a 0046 000a 0046 000a 0689
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A couple of options are mentioned in THIS thread. Actually, if you install the JP1 tools like Remote Master and get your codes from the JP1 site, you don't have to convert at all. I rarely find any pronto hex that isn't already in the JP1 database.
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Thanks mdavej. As you can tell I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to this remote hacking stuff. I think the issue I was having was that the JP1 database has the EFC codes that go with my device code (1360) but there wasn't a listing that directly correlated the available codes to the device functions. It sounds like maybe the software you mention makes that a bit easier.

Thanks for teaching me how to fish. Who knows... maybe I'll be buying one of those cables after all... I am getting tired of typing setup 994.

The awesome thing is that I now have my TW remote changing the input source on my Denon AVR-987 as well as controlling all the functions of my Z-680. Which means I can control and watch my AV system from any of 3 different rooms or anywhere on the internet.

The next challenge will be to get IR control working for my PS3 so that I can control that from the SlingBox. But that's a project for a different day (and probably a different thread.)
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My home theater is Phillips HTS3371D, my remote is the 1056B01. Do I still use 1370 and the same 5 digit codes or are they different for this home theater unit?

Thank you in advance
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Kinda hijacking this thread a bit, but it's old so I doubt anyone will care too much. I stumbled across this thread and other here http://www.avsforum.com/t/1101020/atlas-1055-pvr-programming-issue#post_15394434 that detailed the different button codes for the logitech z5500 remote set. I was wondering if anyone knows where this information is available for other devices. I have an HP TV LC4276N model and some of the keys don't work the way that I want them to and was hoping to find something similar for that device to have it work a little more smoothly. Does anyone know where these codes are available or if there is some kind of database that details button codes for different remotes? Thanks!
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Sorry, but individual function codes won't work on any remotes except those made by UEI (One-For-All brand, some OEMs (not your HP) and many cable remotes) or more expensive remotes that can import pronto hex codes. Your best option is to buy one of those remotes. UEI ones average from $3-$20 and are available everywhere. My favorite is the $15 RCA RCRP05B.
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