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Got the light fixtures installed last night with the help of my wife (and a couple good dark beers).

Got the Electrical and Mechanical Final inspections done today with no issues and have scheduled the Final-Final for Monday.

Still have not mounted the bracket for the TV but have been taking in the feedback about suggested mounting heights and really appreciate it! This is the first forum I have been a part of, and I have really gained a lot from it...Thanks!

Vaggeto - when I asked about OC703-705 at Home Depot, they said that although they could get it in other areas, they could not get it in this region...I guess it comes down to who one speaks to.

Every time I think about acoustic treatments, my head starts to hurt. I have contacted a couple folks to get them to give me a bit of consulting time on our room specifically - and I have gotten nothing from them as a response. Maybe they don't want the work?

Have you done any treatments yet?

I have considered the more flexible (and less expensive) stuff that ATS sells ( http://www.atsacoustics.com/item--Ro...f-6--1006.html ) to make my own panels.

Specialty Products and Insulation in Denver (303-333-6784) sells rock wool in the 8lb density for $0.97 per sq ft for the 2 and $1.94per sq ft for the 4.

I have been focusing on finishing up other items in the room and not thought much about acoustic treatments for a while, so I have to refresh my memory of what little I figured out from the 4 tons of stuff on this forum!

Misedog is a Falcon resident but I don't know where he stands on acoustic treatments...perhaps if the three of us (and any other Colorado Springs area folks) got together, we could meet the minimum order requirements. Misedog - you reading this?
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Got the final inspection done today.

The whole permitting process (with the exception of the $$ spent on the permit) was not an unpleasant experience. They made me pay attention to fire blocking in a way that I would not have if I had not been made to by the code (good thing), I had to read up on how to properly cut holes in the engineered joists (good thing) and they made me add outside air and exhaust venting to the room (a really good thing). All four of the inspectors I dealt with were pleasant and informative. I had thought about not getting the room permitted, but I am pleased that I went ahead and did it right.

The carpet is scheduled to be installed at 7am (!!!) on Saturday morning.

Today I might actually get around to installing the mounting bracket for the TV and I am starting to think about getting started figuring out what all those wires are for and how to connect them to the AV receiver...(newbe on this whole electronics thing...)

Acoustic Treatments Where to start... None of my corners are 90 degrees...figure that the usual place to start is with bass traps...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have actually contacted a couple folks who do consulting on acoustics for a living...and have not gotten responses. Perhaps the strange shape of the room has them scared off.

I just need to figure out how to take the first step and I expect it will just unfold from there...but which acoustic material...what design...
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Very nice, congratulations! Is permitting expensive?

I think in your case it's all about mirrors and reflection points?

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Hey John,

Permitting cost me $255. Expensive? I don't know... Part of me says, "Why should I pay them anything?", but the other part appreciates the fact that most houses now are a lot safer now than they were when there were no building codes and I have seen the work that some people do when they don't have inspectors looking over their shoulders. I wouldn't want to purchase a house with that kind of hazard lurking out of sight, so I guess I should go along with the rules.

I have the mirror polished up and ready to go! The acoustics in there are so bad now, that I think anything will make a huge improvement. I am sure that the carpet will be a big step.
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The carpet was installed last Friday (a day early!).

Furniture and equipment was moved in and connected...and a movie was watched on Friday evening! We watched Cowboys and Aliens. My wife and our 23 yr old son (who assisted in the construction) picked out a movie that they thought might be a good introduction for us into the world of surround sound and be a fun introduction to the new room. We enjoyed it. (The carpet is actually a light brown color...no where near the pink it looks in the photo!)

Working over the weekend and into this morning I got things pretty well worked out so that we can listen to CDs and music from the home network. I also got the Harmony 900 RF remote to turn things on and off as necessary! It seems to do everything I have thought to ask of it so far. (I really felt thick trying to understand some of the "simple" instructions it asked of me in the setup process.)

The acoustics of the room really got much less horrible with the introduction of the carpets and furniture - but I am working with another Colorado Springs area forum member on an order of OC703 to start experimenting with improving the acoustics further.

I might move the rear speakers up to wall mounts due to the small size of the space. I will experiment a bit before I commit to that and install brackets.

Further decoration and refinements will come, but for now it actually can be used as intended!
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Looks good Nick! I see you have a little friend in there too. Urban camoflauge at its best!
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Yup, that cat is everywhere...especially when you don't want him to be! Too much energy and not enough sense!

Thanks for the compliment!

I thought I should mention as I had not had the opportunity to do a real sound proofing check before - the simple stuff that is recommended in this forum really works!

DD+GG with clips on the ceiling joists and DD+GG on decoupled walls within walls worked for me. My doors are just doors, so they are a weak spot. Since it will be just my wife and me in the house most of the time, I am not worried about the level of sound that enters or escapes because of the doors.

Put on some loud music or sound track, step out of the room and close the doors and the effect of the soundproofing is very evident. Even in the bedroom directly above the theater, a very loud soundtrack is not very noticeable. I am very pleased!

I didn't go absolutely nuts, but I was careful to try to do what was suggested and it paid off.

My thanks to everyone on the forum!
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Whoohoo looks awesome! What kinda of speakers are those? I love the Center stand. The center speaker really looks like a Paradigm CC-570 but I don't recall any Paradigm floorstanders having short grills? (Unless they're all a newer version?)
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Looks great! I really like that door. It makes a statement and is so much better than some plain boring flat one.

I think that moving the rear speakers up to be about 2 feet above seating listening height is a good idea. That way you'll get a less localized surround field.
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I picked up the speakers at "Another Man's Treasure" in Colorado Springs - a used furniture place. I certainly didn't expect to find any speakers there, but when I saw them I made a few calls and was told, "For that price - buy them". So I did.

They are PSBs with a Definitive Technologies sub. The center stand is massive! I have not weighed it, but it is substantial!

Not being an audiophile I really had no idea of what direction to go on the speakers. I am impressed, but perhaps it is easy to impress those with no information or experience to judge against!
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Originally Posted by Nick in Manitou View Post

Not being an audiophile I really had no idea of what direction to go on the speakers. I am impressed, but perhaps it is easy to impress those with no information or experience to judge against!

I'm right there with you Nick! Since the overwhelming majority of the room occupants will be me and my family, the first set of ears that it needs to work for are mine. Hope I'm as pleased as you are when I fire it up for the first time!
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Aaustin: I lucked out on that door! Toward the end of the major construction phase of this room (when I was going to H.D. 3-4 times a week) I happened to notice a door they had on display just inside of the entrance to the store. It was an alder door that looked like the rest of the doors that were in our house - and they had them on special from $300-some to $145. I knew I needed to pick one up eventually for that hole in the wall and the timing was perfect!

Interesting Development! Just after I started planning this room, I spent a bit of time at the high-end audio/HT stores in the area and started thinking that if we were really going to build a (an?) HT, that we should not go half way...I noticed the 92" screen TV, and the good looking images that the projectors could throw and started mentioning to my wife (who is really the one who watches movies around here) that perhaps we should go with a larger screen or projector.

She said no - not needed and not desired! Guess what! Last night she said, "You know, I am starting to see why you suggested we go with the larger screen. We have this room dedicated to the TV anyway..."

For now we will stay with what we have. The 55" screen is a lot bigger than the 24" we had before and the budget needs to recover from the trauma we have put it through recently. I am just glad that I overruled her instructions and went ahead and wired for a projector during the build!
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A friend of our son works in a nursing home in Colorado Springs and says that if anyone is interested, he could save them a 4' wide standard height door. He said they have a high fire rating, are attractive wood skinned, are solid with a sheet of "drywall" sandwiched in the middle. He said that they weigh a LOT! (200 lbs+) and are very sound proof.

I have not seen them, and am not interested myself as I have just completed my build - but it might be worth investigating if someone in the region wants to save some $ on a door that might work out very well.
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I am looking at the fact that I probably will not build another HT for a while. And, as the HT is in the space where I used to store a lot of "stuff", I don't have room to store much excess anymore.

I have 49.4 lbs of 1# mass loaded vinyl. We purchased a 100 lb roll and had darn close to 50% left over. Shipping that stuff is expensive!

I also have 3 tubes of Green Glue, 4 tubes of acoustic caulk and 6 WhisperClips. All these items were purchased through soundproofingcompany.com

If there is anyone in the region who feels like driving to Manitou Springs, Colorado (near Colorado Springs) they can have this stuff for free - (or any amount above that).
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Just wanted to put out the word that I got a response from someone on the forum that he intends to pick up the material I mentioned in the previous post.

It feels good to be able to share what I don't need with someone else on the forum.


It turns out that the fellow that was going to pick up the materials I have to give away called and said that he will not be able to use them at this time, so I should find another taker.


Anyone need the stuff mentioned in the previous post?

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I still have HT materials to give away.

Since the update I edited yesterday shows up as having been submitted in March, I figured that I would add a post to get the date correct for this.

I have 49.4 lbs of 1# mass loaded vinyl. We purchased a 100 lb roll and had darn close to 50% left over. Shipping that stuff is expensive!

I also have 3 tubes of Green Glue, 4 tubes of acoustic caulk and 6 WhisperClips. All these items were purchased through soundproofingcompany.com

The most money saving for someone in the region that wants it would be the mass loaded vinyl. Here in Colorado it is very handy because of the requirement to build floating walls.

Anyway, does someone want this stuff? I really don't want to store it (the vinyl especially) until I build the next HT.

I hope someone can use it!
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PM sent on the materials
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I also sent a PM- wish I would have seen this earlier!
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Now I feel bad...

I pushed a friend in Denver last week to purchase the OC703 at a steep discount becuse we are having to move out of state and I was running out of time.

After a year of no interest in the materials I was trying to get rid of...I have had two inquires today about the stuff I sold/gave away last week.

It would have been more fun for this material to have gone to forum members!

Thanks for the interest guys and good luck with your projects!

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