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HDCP needs to go..
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But what I want to know is can the Teranex stack up against a T A W Rock processor???
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Yes I'm joking... biggrin.gif I have used the Black Magic product line in my editing suite and the capture cards & devices I've had (none as frickin awesome as the VC1000) are reliable. I mainly used the hdmi to upconvert footage from various digital cameras... But as has been alluded to, we all know the work arounds to pass all hdmi signals.
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A user name from the past, greetings!
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Yessir. Back in the saddle. Don't worry, I've been lurking smile.gif I was really hoping to give you a call tomorrow Peter, but my numbers didnt hit for the Fla Lottery OR the Powerball. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Blu_One View Post

HDCP needs to go..
That is easy and inexpensive to do, so not really a problem.

Now who has bought a 3D teranex?
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We have one in house to test with the tower cam, Ill report later when I return from ALBIORIX overseas...
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Originally Posted by CINERAMAX View Post

My apologies . My family was linked to that tragic period itself, as my grandfather who graduated from the class of 04 with FDR was able to snatch from a cruise-ship returning to Nazi Germany a family of 8 Chec friends.

Every Christmas when I was a kid my parents would tell me about the ordeal and how they nearly went back. There were 40,000 people parading in Havana harbor against any aid to the refugees(quite frankly the US didn't want anything to do with them either), but my GF struggled, risked position and was harrased for doing this but he got them visas to Cuba and to the US(under some intellectual property treasure loophole as these were Pilsner master Brewers) , years later my brother was looking at forms to submit him for YAD VASHEM induction. So we are all very much aware of your plight. Now there is a movie script with a Cuban motif.

I simply was denouncing a very negative concerted effort coming out of Germany today-counterfeit 3D.

After years of searching here is the patriarch of the family taken out of the ships back to Germany at the Cuban harbor : Eric Brach

My Grandfather being friends with FDR, his brother being a founder of the league of nations, and yes my father and mother worked tirelessly to save this family, who were allowed to disembark of the grounds of pilsner method intellectual property experts.

The most important thing is that at 6 I learned about the spirit of the holidays with this family legend:

Here is your proof:
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