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***STUMPED - Samsung PN50B650S1 - Vertical Green Line of single pixels - WHY?

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Hi there. First time post but hoping someone can help me speak a bit more educated to a TV Repair shop.

I have a Samsung PN50B650S1 Plasma which is about 2.5 years old (out of Warranty) and this past weekend a single line of green pixels has shown up from the top to the bottom of the screen. The lines are present on all inputs but they do go away now and then depending on what is on the screen.

Does anyone have any ideas on what part of my TV is malfunctioning? I would like to get this repaired if I can but I don't know where to start.

I have uploaded two photos that hopefully illustrate my issue.

Many thanks for any advice and if anyone has an honest TV Repair shop in LA (Westside) let me know.

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Originally Posted by ckennel View Post

Does anyone have any ideas on what part of my TV is malfunctioning? I would like to get this repaired if I can but I don't know where to start.

I have Samsung PS50B550, one year old.

In my opinion there is a fault in the Column (TCP) Driver Integrated Circuit.

I think is not worth repairing this two and a half years old plasma.

I am not an expert, in point of fact.
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Did you figure out the problem? I have a 2 or 3 year old Samsung PN58B650 which has the same problem. Exact same green vertical line a couple pixels wide..

I'm thinking some dust got inside from some recent construction and something may need to be cleaned..
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Ha...this one's pretty funny. I didn't find any info on my issue online so I unplugged everything and took it in to a small reputable repair shop here in Santa Monica. I showed the repair guy the photos and he said my plasma was broken and it wasn't worth fixing. "That's what I get for buying a cheap plasma". I have actually been quite happy with my Samsun up until this point. I was kind of bummed as I drove home partly because I feel like TV's should last longer than 2-3 years but I guess I am in the minority because everyone told me that my Plasma was 2 years old and of course it's going to be bad. Shocking. Anyway, here's where it gets funny. I wasn't sure what I was going to buy next so I figured I would plug the TV back in and suffer along while I did some research. To my amazement, the green line was gone and has never come back. Too funny. I think it must have rumbled around in my car just enough to make a difference. I still have an issue where my TV signal will lose connectivity when I am using my DVR heavily with lots of skipping forward and backward but I just unplug the HDMI cable and it seems to reset the issue. That is an entirely separate issue and I haven't bothered to see if anyone else has any issues. Let me know how it goes.

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Hope it stays that way, although from my past experience with what looks like the exact same thing, it may get worse.

My old two Panasonic plasmas (PZ77 and a G15, both 50") both developed the same thing, at around 26 months of ownership. (sorry for the large pics)


Only in my case it never went away, but a few weeks later it progressed and became an inch-wide black (dead) vertical bar in roughly the same location.


On both occasions, the Panasonic tech came out and diagnosed it with a panel failure (maybe the wrong diagnosis?) and recommended a complete panel replacement ($2000+ repair estimate), of course it was under a store extended warranty and the store replaced the TV outright. Hope your issue is different.
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I did some research last night and even went into the service menu to run the different test patterns.

This is what I found out.

The green vertical line is a result of a dead red subpixel. On the horizontal test pattern with white, red, green and blue bands the white band had a faint green vertical line, green band was fine, the blue band was fine and the red band had a vertical black line running through it which meant the red pixels were not firing.

I think a single dead pixel can sometimes cause an entire line of pixels to go dead so the problem is somewhere in the panel.

I had a recent construction job which kicked up a lot of wood dust and the TV was not properly covered. I'm hoping that the pixel is not really dead and a good internal cleaning / massage will reactivate the pixel in the pnael

That 1 inch black vertical band looks like a problem with the circuit board or the pannel connector. The circuit board can probably be replaced, but a bad panel is not worth fixing.

Here are some photos from my testing.

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Sometimes this is caused by a loose or poorly seated ribbon cable connector where it attaches to the panel module. Re-seating it or wiggling it may fix the issue.
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Took me three hours but I fixed it. Traced problem from the center logic board to the panel.
Checked main logic board by disconnecting ribbon cables.
Checked ribbon cable between main logic board and middle panel logic board by flipping it around.
Checked middle panel logic board by connecting ribbon cable from right panel logic board to middle panel logic board.
Checked display ribbon cables to middle panel logic board.

One of those ribbon cable connectors needed to be cleaned. No more dead line of pixels.

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Wow, that's awesome. If my set is out of warranty I'd definitely try that. I recall when my TV developed this issue and the Panasonic rep came out, he did take off the back cover and tinkered with boards and cables for over an hour before before diagnosing a complete panel failure. IIRC he did swap out at least two boards and a few cables. I guess in my case it was a bad panel.
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After VERY MUCH READING, have found that many manufactures, mine is a 42" Panasonic TH42PX75U, have TINY IC's "made" into the ribbon cables that come out of the panel. NOT REPAIRABLE. Cwappy design, but it's what it is.
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I have this exact same issue except it's farther right on the screen. So did you unconnect those cables at the bottom of the panel and clean them and reattach them? Or did you just somehow magically clean them and not unattach them? If you cleaned them what did you use and was it easy to disconnect and connect the ribbon cables? Did it look like it obviously needed cleaning?

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I'm having this issue too with a 4 year old Samsung PN50A510. I've had a light blue line about an inch from the edge on the right side for years now. That one doesn't really bother me. But yesterday, while watching a movie, a dark purple line appeared much closer to the middle of the screen, and it's far more distracting.

Here's the thing. About a week ago, I had a massive power surge during a storm which took out a PS3, a hard drive, and little light which were all plugged into the same surge protector as the TV. The TV seemed to be unharmed. My insurance covers power surge damage, but I have a $500 deductible, so I haven't put in a claim. However, if this line is a result of the surge, then I definitely should.

So my question is, could this new line have been caused by the power surge?

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