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Klipsch kf-28

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Hello all,

I'm planning on setting up a 2ch starting audio system while I still live at home because I can get a pair of klipsch kf-28s for like $350. I feel like they sound great, but is there a better deal for a simillar price? Also, since I'm going to expand this(eventually) to a 5.1, what reciever would fit it well, and why?

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Hey buddy, Just saw this on here.

I have the KF-28s. I paid about 450 for my set at black friday, if you just bought them at the store today it would be about 1k. So 350 is certainly a good deal as long as they are in good shape.

Klipsch is notoriously power friendly, you usually don't need a tremendous amount of power to drive these. Ultimately, which receiver is a matter of a number of factors. Cost being one, desired functions, input types, etc.

You mention wanting to set up a "Stereo" what exactly do you mean by that. Are you referencing a hi-fi stereo witha preamp / amp, turn table.

Or just a standard surround sound AVR with only the two speakers hooked up.

What is your price range for the receiver. What type of music do you listen to mostly, do you want / need hdmi audio. 3D capabilites etc.

What is your primary purpous, music or movies, video games, sports?

What do you plan on hooking up to it.

The reason I am asking, you can get a "LOT" of receiver for a signifigantly reduced price if you are willing to go a generation or two older, you may lose some modern niceties like 3d, or 7.1. But if you do not care for them you can get a great receiver at a steal.

When you look at the speakers, what shape are they in, do they have any impact damage. are the drivers all in good shape, without any fingernail marks or pushed in domes.
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one other thought, klipsch speakers are not the most expensive brand, but they are absolutely ROCK SOLID. I have 12 or so Klipsch speakers, and have owned many of them since the 90s. They have survived a lightning strike, bad direct hit to the house. About 6 or so moves. 2 receivers, 4 TVs. If you take good care of them, and are careful they will last forever....
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Good to know. I had heard a lot about them being bad quality, but I'm glad someone else likes them.

Maybe 3d down the road, really just gonna be video games, and music for the next couple months. I have an iPhone, do AirPlay would be okay, but since I listen to gospel and classical, I can really hear the difference in a hardwired connection. So I would preferr a dock, or just r/w RCA.

I think that I'd only ever want 5.1. But that's a bit farther off than I'm willing to think right now.

Also, if you know a good place to learn these basics and specifics, please direct me. I'm always willing to learn!
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Whats your budget?
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Definitely under 600, preferrably 3-400
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As I've been looking, I'll probably bi-amp them, using a pioneer vsx-821
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Did you ever get those speakers? I recently picked up a pair of them and I must say they sound absolutely fantastic. I have them hooked up to a Yamaha RX-V675. I didn't bi-amp them or anything but I do have a subwoofer. I listen to a lot of music and use the 2 channel stereo mode or pure direct if I am feeling pure and these can hold there own without a sub but with the sub it is amazing. I'm sure there is better speakers out there in the klipsch line but if you look at specs for the reference rf-82ii and than these side by side there. Isn't much of a difference. I set my receiver to small anyways so most if all of the bass is re-directed to the sub so. Having 8 inch woofers in the speakers doesn't mean all that much. Hope your enjoying them if you got them.


Lastly, its funny because if you go on best buy website where these speakers are sold there is almost 100 5 star reviews and people just absolutely rave about how good these bad boys sound for the price but than you come to a forum like this people say there are hot stinkin' garbage just because they are sold exclusively by Best Buy and they just can't be good because of that. Get real, fact is I bet klipsch didn't want to taint there precious reference line by selling them in a Best Buy because if they started getting bad or negative reviews it would crush the company. Now while I am sure the reference line counterparts might sound better I don't think you could even tell the difference unless they were side by side. Just my two cents

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Let me preface my reply by saying I am a home theater associate at Best Buy. I bought the KF-28's as well as other Klipsch speakers through an accommodation program. The following is intended to be completely objective with no bias toward my employer or the manufacturer:

I have owned the KF-28's now for about 2 weeks. They are paired with the Icon SW-450 10" sub, the Quintet system for center/surrounds, and being pushed by a Marantz SR-5008 7.2 receiver. Even if I paid full retail I couldn't be happier with the system, especially the floor speakers.

I think a lot of people have misunderstood the Icon product line. The Icon isn't trying to compete with high-end home audio. The line was designed to give the average, middle class individual a reasonably priced solution that is far superior to the likes of entry level Polk's and Bose...and that the KF's do VERY well.

Someone who is dropping $20k transforming a 20x40 basement into a true media room probably isn't shopping at Best Buy. However, if you are looking to convert a den or man-cave to a near cinema quality experience for under $5k and not travel 100 miles to a dedicated audio store the Icons are a nice fit.

I am sure the true audiophile that has 30+ years experience and a refined ear could find certain tracks that expose the KF'S shortcomings at high volume. However, the other 99% of average people would describe the Icons as being not just good, but at times "breathtaking".

In closing, I have pushed the speakers very hard using a variety of music and movies, I find the imaging, frequency response, efficiency, and lack of distortion to be exceptional for the price. I fully endorse these speakers.

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