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Toshiba CW34x92 and Avia  

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HI all,

Can any of you tell me what your settings are for color, tint, sharpness, brightness, etc with your 34" HDTV Toshiba CW34x92? I can not get the correct settings using Avia for the Color and the tint.

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I have normal settings for 480P and memory settings for 1080I.

Factory defaults

Color 70
Tint -20
all others factory defaults
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Check out our discussion here regarding this topic. Maybe you could explain the memory settings to us etc.

Discussion of CW34x92
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When you bring the menu up, you can select Preferences. Under preferences you can select Normal, Theater, Memory settings.
I always leave Normal settings at factory defaults:

Contrast 100
Brightness 50
Color 50
Tint 0
Sharpness 50
Flesh Tone On
These settings work good for 480P
(NTSC and Progressive Scan DVD)

For 1080I the settings have to be changed to correct the color from my HD6000. I do not know whether the correction is needed because of the HD6000 or the CW34X92. I use the memory selection in preferences to store these settings:

Contrast 100
Brightness 50
Color 60 to 70
Tint -15 to -24
Sharpness 50
Flesh Tone Off

The Color and Tint settings vary according to each movie being watched.
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