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Time to upgrade?

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Hi - My current system is as follows:

B&K Ref 50 Pre
NAD Master Series M25 Amp
Paradigm Studio 100v2 mains
Paradigm Studio CC 570 Center
4 Paradigm Studio in ceiling surrounds (must keep in ceiling)
HSU VTF-2 sub
Sharp LE60833 Led TV

I have the upgrade bug - I've been considering a new processor or receiver (Denon 4311 or Marantz 7005), but the more I read in the forums, it seems like by sub MAY be my weakest piece of gear? I am 85/15 HT vs music. It is my great room which is very large at 25 by 26 with vaulted ceilings and open to the kitchen and dining area. I'm not sure my wife will let put a beast like the new HSU sub in plain view which where my current sub is ( I Pre wired in wall during construction, so relocation would be very difficult )

I've been looking at the new HSU sub, would that be a dramatic improvement over my VTF 2? Or go for the. New processor first? I can't budget for them both right now.

Thoughts? Thx
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If your A/V processing and connectivity requirements are currently being met, go for the new sub first.

By all accounts, the VTF-15H is an impressive performer. It should provide a noticeable-to-significant improvement over your current sub.
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