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Audio channels uneven on old Sony str-de697

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Hi there,
I just picked up an old Sony str-de697 and I'm having an odd problem. The right channel, left surround channel, and left back surround channel are all noticeably softer than all the other channels. All I really care about are the main left and right channels, though. I've set the receiver to 2 channel mode, I've reset to factory defaults and tried to play with the balance. All it does is make the left channel softer. I've tried switching all the speakers around, and no matter what speaker I'm using, if it's plugged into the right channel, it's noticeably softer than the left. When I bought it, I listened to it with the same speakers I have now, and it seemed to be working properly, so I must be missing something. Please help!


Edit: Also, center channel is louder than both the left and right, but right is still the softest. I just noticed I'm also using 6 ohm impedance speakers, while the receiver says to use minimum of 8 ohms. Could that be causing this problem?
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No, your 6 ohm speakers should not be a problem.

Did you reset all the channel levels? That's not the same thing as balance. Check the menu, and set them all to 0 (neutral,) and then check it again. It has to have channel levels, unless it's the dumbest surround receiver ever made.
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It has channel levels for all speakers except front right and left, it seems balance is the only option for those. I've tried different speaker placements too, but it doesn't help. The difference is very obvious when playing the test tone, and even more so with music.
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I have the exact same problem - right channel is far quieter than the left. I've swapped the speakers (and cables) and its the amp output at fault. I've also tried both A and B speaker outputs - same on both. Hey, you didn't sell me your dodgy STR-DE697 on the bay did you?
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Did you guys figure this out? I am having the same problem! But I didn't buy a dodgy STR-DE697 on eBay. wink.gif I've had it for several years and this is a new problem.
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Hey, long-time lurker here with this same receiver at work, and the same problem. So I figured I'd bump the topic.

I never had the time to troubleshoot until now. I ran a test tone through all 5 channels simultaneously in the MULTI-CH mode, reset all levels to 0, and guess what? Uneven levels. The only channels that seem to have the right levels are Center, and Right Rear. I swapped speakers between channels to confirm that it was indeed the amp, and not the speakers. I did not test the back surrounds. Everything else is too quiet. I think it's defective, but obviously well outside the warranty period.
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