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HDMI signal issue? need help

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Im a newbie to HTPC. Have a Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 AM3+ MB and a HIS Radeon 6670 video card and run Windows 7 Pro.

I connected a Mitsubishi Diamond series rear projection TV with an HDMI cable and found a few issues. The audio was delayed, maybe tens of seconds, and the video has digital noise; white pixels, lines, black turning white.

Tried connecting a Panasonic Viera TV and it would not recognize the signal, tried reboots with the TV in. Used the DVI output from the HTPC into the HDMI on the Pan TV and then RCA audio in from the headphone jack output and it works. But, I would like to set the HTPC up with the HDMI in the end.

I ran a scan with a few driver scan programs. Most show these three drivers as out of date; ATI HDMI Audio, Realtek High Definition Audio, and ATI I/O Communication Procedure SMBus Controller. I have tried updating the drivers through the device manager and either updated or had the drivers show as up to date. However, run the driver scan and it still shows them as out of date. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling from both the internet and the original discs without success.

It seems that I have issues and so do my drivers. If I knew the driver scan services would surely fix this it, at this point it would be worth the $29.95. So far when I try to find the drivers I find scan software rather than the drivers and I am not sure exactly what I need.

A sure remedy would be great advice. Since I am a newbie even some advice on driver websites and troubleshooting would be helpful.
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check for newer drives at the manufacturers web sites. MS update does not always have the latest drivers.
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I would disable on-board audio and remove all Realtek audio drivers.

To send audio over hdmi, you only need the Ati HDMI driver.

Are you sending the audio to an avr or directly to your tv? Does the avr or tv have lipsync adjustments?
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The ATI HDMI Audio driver is now up to date. Still showing the Realtek High Definition Audio and ATI I/O Comm Proc SMBus Controller as out of date.

I'll try and disable the on board and remove the Realtek drivers and see if that does it. I send the audio to the TV which has an output that I send to a pre-amp, I only use stereo sound witht the system. My TV may have sync adjustments, I have hardly looked at its capabilities.

Thanks for the advice I'll be a little slow at sorting this out but will comment after taking some more swipes at it.
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I really wouldn't trust driver scan software. If you have no caution symbols in device manager you should be ok with your SMB.The ATI chipset drivers are on the disc that came with the motherboard, did you install from there? If needed go to Gigabyte's website for your motherboard and download ATI's chipset driver from there.
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I have updated all the drivers from mfg websites. Removed all playback devices other than the HDMI audio and removed all Realtek audio. Disabled the onboard audio in the BIOS. One TV will not recognize the HDMI signal at all. The other shows white pixel noise that flickers but comes from the same pixels. In black area, like above the picture when underscan, it shows as white vertical lines.
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Different devices use different versions of Realtek which they supply with their drivers, If you removed all realtek audio then you may have removed the one you need.
What HDMI resolution video are you sending over HDMI to the TV?

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Since removing the drivers didn't work I reinstalled the Realtek drivers. In 'playback devices' I have Realtek high definition audio speakers: digital output, digital output (optical); and AMD HDMI Output. Currently with the DVI cable TV connection I use component video so the speakers are enabled, HDMI not plugged in, and the others disabled. With the DVI out of the PC and component video everything works fine on my 720 TV. With HDMI the 720 TV does not recognize the signal. On my 1080 TV the HDMI provides audio it just has the issue of the white pixels. Either the HDMI is recognizing the 1080 TV as 1080 or in recent connections it may be using 720 on it. The 1080 TV has shown 1080 video for sure on previous attempts but recently I haven't checked the resolution when connecting it. Two things I will try are; remounting the video card and a dongle to try DP to HDMI. Are there seperate chips that generate the various output signals DVI, HDMI, and DP? Or is it just one output that routes the signal appropriately?
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Thanks fo all the help. I can get around the audio and video settings well now. Fixed the problem. Got a replacement video card and plugged in the 720 TV that was not accepting the signal and it worked right off. Haven't tried my 1080 TV yet but am guessing it will work just fine.
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Most the '720p' TV's are not truelly 720p at all. A lot of the older plasmas were 1024x768, and nearly all LCDTV's are 1360x768 as far as the 720p sets go. That kind of screws up getting 1:1 pixel mapping at the very least when using HDMI with these sets untill you apply some work arounds. Sometimes you get worse problems.

Have you tried using a normal PC input? That's the way I ended up going on my 720p Sony LCD. Despite HDMI being more ideal being straight digital <-> digital, the normal VGA connection ended up working out A LOT better despite the digital <-> analog <-> digital conversion as it was much easier for the PC and the TV to use the full native 1360x768 resolution of the TV without rescaling the picture. Actually without the use of tweaks including powerstrip, the picture would get rescaled 2x as setting the driver to use 720p (since there is no 768p/60 option in the amd drivers) causes the tv to rescale to 768p, then whatever you are watching gets rescaled to 720p before that even. With the VGA connection, the tv stays 1:1 pixel mapped, content gets rescaled to the 1360x768 by the PC and thats it. It also works fine with HD cablecard tuner which surprised me as I thought there would be HDCP issues there.
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AFAK Panasonic has made both true 720p and 1366x768 32" TVs.
Which specific Panasonic model do you have?
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