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I did not check. I did not even know about the multiple panel issue until I started perusing this forum.

The characteristics of the picture, in summary:

1. darkish tint, with pronounced browns and greens with broadcast and sat.
2. heavy pixelation, artifacts on broadcast and satellite tv.
3. very good blu ray picture, with much more accurate color, although still slightly dark.

Sorry, I hated the tv and sent it back asap.
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Thanks sjetski71, I tend to agree with you. The faux wood trim really chaps my ass (being the sort of human who cares how things look, it's a really head-scratcher as to why they would do that), but you're right about newer LED backlit displays. The performance just isn't there in most cases.

So the 37LK450 it is. On to hunting an IPS example down, and planning a calibration strategy!
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Which VC are you using ? AMD or Nvidia ?

If AMD : you need a DVI-HDMI cable to get 4:4:4(and the appropriate format in CCC).

If Nvidia : DVI-HDMI cable could, or could not get you 4:4:4(VC related), you may have to apply "EDID override fix", here :


Works for HDMI-HDMI as well(Nvidia only)

I would also recommend to start with the "Cinema" mode, it's the most accurate as far as i can tell. TV needs to "settle down" anyway, before any serious adjustments or calibration.

My settings :


Picture mode - Cinema(input labeled as "PC")

Backlight - whatever you want.

Contrast - 90

Brightness - 53

Sharpness - 37

Color - 50

Tint - 0

Color Temp. - W40

"Color Temp. - W40" may seem "too warm" or "yellow", but you just need a few days to get accustomed. Everything looks so natural for me, i can find nothing in need of improvement, besides black level.

On the other hand, our TVs could be very different due to many factors, so feel free to play with settings

P.S Yes, when you label an input as "PC", there's too much sharpness, thus "Sharpness" is so low for me(37), but it looks perfect.

I'm using lagom.nl :


Sharpness test :

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FYI, I went with the LG 37LK450, which I installed today and did a quick manual calibration using the AVS HD test patterns. Looks great so far. Colors are incredibly accurate out of the box, although the black levels are definitely a step backward coming from my CRT.

Now, onto professional calibration. If anyone has advice on finding an ISF calibrator in NYC who knows LG displays, I have a thread on that here.

Thanks again for your advice, it was extremely helpful.
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