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LG 65LW6500 opinions or alternatives?

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I am interested in hearing opinions on this TV. My current TV is an LCD rear projection, one of the last Sony made (KDSA6500 or something like that) and overall I've been very happy with it. I am looking to upgrade to something I can mount nicely on a wall.

My requirements for a TV are as follows
1. 65" or right around that
2. LED or LCD (I can't use plasma as the room is way too bright and has skylights
3. Passive 3D as my wife gets headaches and I have a 4 year old who will break the expensive glasses in about 3 seconds
4. I'd like a TV which has a very good (if thats possible) 2d to 3d conversion. Not that we'd always use this but I would like to use it if possible for fun.
5. I will be using a WII, PS3, XBOX,Boxee and DVR with this TV by way of an Onkyo receiver.

The LG 65LW6500 seems like a good fit. I went to Best Buy today and they suggested a Sony over it with the active glasses and also stated it had better 2d to 3d conversion. I really don't want the active shutter glasses...

I'm not in a rush and can wait for the next line of TV's but I'd love to hear some opinions to help guide me in my next purchase.

Thanks so much and I look forward to reading the feedback.
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I was going to get this tv but now I'm waiting for LGs LM9600 that comes out in April.
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How come you decided to wait? What is better?
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Did you make a decision? I'm in between the LG 65" and Sharp 70". I know new models are coming out soon, but they are priced out of my range. And want to just get one of last years models on the cheap.
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