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Upgrade advice needed

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I'm in need of some advice before I commit to purchasing new equipment. The old 50" LG plasma (720p) we had 'popped' some time ago. I've been looking at replacing this with an LED set since it is located in a room with many large windows. The existing panel is mounted on the wall. The AV components are all located in another room not adjacent to the TV room. Video is delivered via one set of component cabling. Audio runs through the speakers in the wall and ceiling. The LG was functioning as a display, although it has a coax cable and composite hooked in as well.

Here is my dilemma:

The remote AV sources run through a Denon AVR 1907 which does not have HDMI inputs or outputs. The in wall run from the AVR to the wall mounted display is about 50'. The Denon also feeds a second zone in the house and an A-Bus audio distribution. Because of the current setup, I would prefer to keep the Denon AVR 1907 and not try to pull HDMI to the wall mount. It might be too far anyway. I had the broadband router located near the AVR.

So, looking at new TVs, most are capable of 1080p and 3-D now and many have Internet apps. We do not have a Blu-ray player, so I would add one into the mix on upgrade. The problem is that apparently I cannot run Blu-ray HD 3-D over component cables

I can live without 3-D, so that is not an issue. Most sets have it anyway. Same for The Blu-ray. At some time in the future, I can swap out to a new AVR and run HDMI. But I would like the ability to stream content to the remote Tv and run the audio to the remote room surround through the Denon 1907.

This is what I'm thinking about doing:

1 - Add Blu-ray player in control room. The BR must have an Ethernet port for connection to the Gigabit port on the broadband gateway/router. It can have wireless too. DNLA is desirable to stream content from home networked PCs and mobile devices. The player must also have component outputs and digital coax audio out to the Denon AVR.

2 - New TV in living room. Looking at 55" LEDs. Internet apps on TV doesn't matter because I have no audio return to the Remote Denon AVR. I-net apps will run from the BR. 3-D is irrelevant due to component video, but I would like 1080i up scaling (up converting?).

Any general advice on hookups or equipment? I'm not a pro at this. But I have "just enuf" knowledge to make a mistake or implement a successful upgrade. Is my understanding correct (no HD 3-D over component)? Is the BR option for I-net apps the route to go? Am I asking the right questions?

Thanks in advance. If anyone has a question of me, just ask.
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It's actually worse than that. Because of the *#@%@! copy protection @#$!%$# guys, all new Blu-ray player lack component video outputs. You can still find them, but you need to look for 2010 models, and you probably need to be looking at eBay and/or used.

But yes, with component video 3D is out (IMO, so is 3D generally). You should be able to find models with some apps, but you may be somewhat limited as the "newest" models with the newest apps won't have component output.

Another option (not inexpensive) is to use one of the coax lines for HDMI with an "HDMI over coax" system. If you have cat5e/cat6, or can pull it to the TV, you can easily run HDMI-over-cat5 (HDBaseT would get you 3D support, too), which is cheaper and better than the coax solution.

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Are you saying that I won't be able to watch a Blu-ray at all over component (BR DVD => AVR => HDTV)? Not even 2-D at 1080i?

Now that would be a crime! There must be millions of homes woth component and no HDMI.

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What he is saying is that the NEW models have gotten away with the component connections. If you look for closeouts on last years models you should be able to find one with component outs.

Not necessarily recommending this unit but for example CLICKIE.
A quick search of this years models does in fact turn up that they are sans the component outputs.

Good luck.


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Thanks. Seems like the output through component for that unit would only be 480p. I can get a Sony BDP S580 with component output for a reasonable price, but I think that will operate the same way. If that's the case, then I don't think its worth buying any new BR player. My old DVD players still work fine. I just won't be buying, renting or watching and blu-ray products. And I won't be paying for a NetFlix subscription either.

I can't help but think that this will hurt sales. Folks can't afford to switch out their entire systems every few years. Sad....
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