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Yamaha yst-sw315 info

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Does anyone own one of these yamaha subs or have any info on them other than general specs that I've found online? I have the oportunity to purchase one of these used to use as a second sub in a large room for around $200 with 4 yamaha sattelite speakers with stands and a yamaha center channel. The seller wants to sell everything as a package deal, though I have no use for the other speakers I really need another sub. So my question is this yamaha sub worth the 200 I would have to pay to get it as a package deal. If it would compliment my current system and is worth around 150 itself I think ill jump on this deal and maybe use the other speakers in a small bedroom or something. What are your thoughts?
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seems to me i paid a little over $200 brand new (on a big sale) it has gotten a pretty decent amount of use for at least 2 years now. no smell or smoke or crackles or other defects. you can definitely do worse. as for buying anything new - buyer beware. i would say do some extensive reading on the sub and reviews. check various places on line. amazon, BB, newegg, tigerdirect, ebay, etc. the quad bass technology alone pretty much 'sold' me on it. which ONLY yamaha has. lplus its (at least rated) to go down to 20Hz. that is also hard to find even on bigger and more 'high end' subs.

that is my 2cents worth, and keep in mind sound quality (preference) is subjective.

newegg = $259 and free ship.
ebay = $245 free ship

pay a little more and get new and dont get what you dont want.
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According to the product page:
- 250W dynamic (unless you go to the "Specifications" tab, where it's 270W dynamic)
- 20-160 Hz @ -10 dB

According to the owner's manual (PDF):
- 250W @ 100Hz, 5 ohms, 10% THD
- 20-160 Hz @ -10 dB

I wouldn't pay more than $50 for that sub.
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