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Denon 1712 versus 2112ci?

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The most important difference to me between these 2 (on paper) is the network connectivity/firmware update capability of the 2112ci. How much does the network connectivity help (for those with the 2112ci)? Were there a lot of updates? Were they useful???

The airplay is a nice feature, but most of my music is on an old video ipod in brand new condition and I rarely store music on my iphone. I guess I could start putting music on my iphone but I just don't know how much use I am going to get out of airplay.

Not sure what video upconversion is whether I would use it?

Here's my setup:
1) 110 inch diagonal fixed AT screen
2) Benq W6000 projector
3) 3x Niles IW2650LCR LCRs behind the screen
4) Haven't figured out whether to go 5.1 or 7.1 but basically wired for both. I have 1 pair of Emotiva ERD-1 speakers, but have not installed yet.
5) I have an equipment room with lots of hardware (PS3, XBOX360, Bluray/divx player, Media Center PC for games and movies, possible next gen Wii, Cable Box)

While I love to watch movies and play games, I could also see hosting a party and playing music. One other thought. There's a TV on a wall that encloses the media room. I might add a soundbar to that TV. It would be nice if I could hook up that sound bar to the receiver via optical.
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The network feature is indeed nice for updates. I also use the denon ipod app so i can control the stereo from all parts of my house. I use the airplay often and it turns the receiver on when i invoke airplay so i never have to leave my chair.I can also use the denon web app on my computer to make changes. I always say spend as much as you can possibly afford to. Buyer remorse sux. Oh and dont rush into something ,it seems i always realize somehting i wanted after i buy. I got the 3311 and now realize i should have went with the 4311 ,i ended up buying 4 ohm speakers ,so now adding a xpa-3.
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The ability to control the AVR anywhere in your home using one of the REMOTE apps (iphone or android) can be a very nice feature. Being able to update the firmware is important, however, the non-networking models rarely require any major firmware updates. The video upconversion version would be important with a Wii as it converts the component video input to HDMI, although a Wii2HDMI converter can also be used between the Wii and the AVR. The "CI" models also offer an extra 3rd year of warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller. Also note that if you are looking at MSRP prices, you can get the 2112CI from several on-line authorized resellers (Electronics Expo, AV Science, J&R) for not much more than the 1712's MSRP, but you must pick up the phone and "call" them to get their best price.

Also note, there is a whole thread dedicated to the XX12 models linked in my sig. Review posts 1-6 for more information and post there if you have any additional questions.
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