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Dayton Audio SUB-1200

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I have read countless reviews of the Dayton Audio SUB-120, but nothing on the newer SUB-1200. Does anybody have any experience with this speaker?

As a back ground. I recently moved and had to "downgrade" my speakers to something smaller. Currently, a have a Onkyo TX-SR674 AVR, Mirage Uni-Theater for the Left/Right/Center and a pair of Mirage Nanosats for the rear. I spent the majority of my current budget on the speakers, leaving $150 or so for a subwoofer. Eventually, what ever subwoofer I buy at this point will move to my 2-channel set-up in my bedroom, and I will buy a higher performance subwoofer to replace it.

For now, the Dayton SUB-1200 is tops on my list. I've used Dayton products in my car audio projects with great success. Just looking for some feedback on this particular sub.

Thanks in advance?

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Bueller? Bueller?

Doesn't have to be the SUB-1200. Any feed back on any of the new Dayton Subs (SUB-800, SUB-1000, SUB-1200) would be greatly appreciated. Even just pointing me to a review (that isn't already on parts-express).

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Since the 1200 is very new (not in PE catalog this past Christmas), you may wait for 6+ months for a reasonably objective review.

About eighteen months ago, someone asked a similar question about the Premier Acoustics PA-150. It was over a year before an objective (quite positive) review came out. Check Josh Ricci's review at www.data-bass.com.
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I was sort of guessing there might not be any reviews of Dayton's newest subwoofers. I might just bite the bullet, buy one, and be the first to report.

Thanks for the link! I will definitely book mark it and use it when it comes down to getting really serious about the subwoofer in my main listening/home theater room.

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Ordered the Sub-1200 on Friday. Should be here late this week. I will document as much as I can and report.

Is there a Dayton Audio subwoofer owners thread already started that I just can't seem to find?

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Originally Posted by lamsv View Post

Ordered the Sub-1200 on Friday. Should be here late this week. I will document as much as I can and report.

Let us know what you think of it. I was actually going to pick one of those up -- or the Sub 1000 -- and do a review myself, but now you've saved me the trouble...
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The sub arrived yesterday. Fed-Ed dropped it off at my back door. With a high of -10 yesterday, the sub was FROZEN when I finally got it inside. I am going to let it come up to room temperature before I hook it up. For now, just visiual observations.

The finish is a black texture. Personally, I like it better than fake black ash. The corners have a radious instead of sharp edges. The grille is a wooden ring with velcro. When installed, it sits flush with the face of the box. It is a PAIN to remove. But, it should stay in place no matter how hard you are pushing the sub. Has some cheap plastic feet, but they should fit the bill. The port is flared and down ward firing.

Fit and finish is pretty good. The texture finish is uniform. The curved edges are a nice touch. The velcro strips are stapled on the box. Not the best looking method, but unless the grill is removed, you won't see that.

All in all, I think it is decent looking sub. Will start listening to it tonight.
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I'm interested in how it performs myself. It could be a nice recommendation for non audiophile friends looking to upgrade their systems a bit.
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Originally Posted by lamsv View Post

The sub arrived yesterday. Fed-Ed dropped it off at my back door. With a high of -10 yesterday, the sub was FROZEN when I finally got it inside.

I thought only penguins live in the Antarctic!
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^ Antartica, Montana... same thing.
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Originally Posted by lamsv View Post

The sub arrived yesterday. Fed-Ed dropped it off at my back door. With a high of -10 yesterday, the sub was FROZEN when I finally got it inside. I am going to let it come up to room temperature before I hook it up. For now, just visiual observations.

Suggestion: If you get any electronic gear that is that cold, when
you bring it into your home, leave it in the unopened box! The
last thing you want is to expose frigid surfaces to the warm,
much-more-humid indoor air. The water will start condensing
onto the cold surfaces... maybe not much of a problem for the
cabinet... but what happens if warm air gets around the electronics?
Water and circuit boards don't mix.
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I put it in the garage to slowly get adjusted to the air. It finally made it to my living room the next night.

Will give the sub my full attention this weekend.
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Initial listen: did the sub crawl this morning. Of course, it sounded best in the one position I hoped it wouldn't. Had to spend the new few hours running cable under the house to hook it up.

I am heading out for the day. I am going to run music threw it all afternoon/evening to start the break in. Just on the few songs and TV scenes I listened/watched, I'm happy with the sub. Punchy, clean, plays decently deep, blends well with my Mirage speakers. On the pop/country that I mostly listen to, it sounds good so far. My favorite comment from my significant other so far: "I didn't know there was bass in commercials."

Have football games and a couple movie to watch tomorrow. Full review coming soon.
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Review time!

I have spent a fair amount of time with this subwoofer. Here is my review so far.

Music: I listen to mostly rap/alternative and some country. So, take my obseravations with a grain of salt. I really enjoy how this subwoofer plays the lows in all the music I put through it. Beefy is how I describe it. Is it accurate? Probably not, but the music I listen to mostly, accuracy isn't formost in the producers mind. Other than some DJ Magic Mike, no frequencies were missed in any songs I played. I was also pleasantly surprised how well the sub blends with my Mirage speakers. I wasn't expecting the 12" sub to play as well as it does up to 100hz. Granted, my old Polk 8" subwoofer blended better with like sized speakers. But I will take the trade-off of deeper, more impactful bass over a perfect blend. Just my preference.

Movies: Couldn't be happier. I don't own copies of the movies most people refer to when reviewing thier subwoofer (U-571, Lord of the Rings, etc). I ran the sub through its paces with "Quantam Solice" on the action side, and "Dazed and Confused" on the light hearted side. Q.S. sounded fantastic. Explosions, gun shots, crashing planes and cars. All had the impact that makes a staying home to watch a movie an absolute joy. The impact of a 12" subwoofer just can't be beat. Couch vibrates, chest tingles. Why "Dazed and Confused"? For the sound track, of course! The music just can't be beat. Just like with regular music, kick drums and bass guitars came out clear and forceful. Definitely heightened my joy when watching this gem.

Faults: I find the auto-on not sensative enough. I found a couple times I had to turn up the volume on my reciever to get the sub to turn on. Marginally annoying. If you have a significant other that hates big black boxes? Look else where. Though, not as big as some subs, it really is a big black box.

All in all, I think this sub is a great deal at $150 shipped or so. I couldn't be happier with its sound and overall performance.

Feel free to ask me any quesitons.

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Nice review Seth. Guess we have a thread now to point people at who are looking for one of those subs. Saves me from reviewing it as well...
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DO you have the tools to see what this sub putsout at 20hz
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If this sub can measure a bit better than the Bic F-12, I'm getting it for my second room. Seems to be the best bang for the buck right now.
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I asked several of the technicians at parts-express and they all told me that the components are basically the same. Only real difference is looks.
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Originally Posted by Manischewitz View Post

I asked several of the technicians at parts-express and they all told me that the components are basically the same. Only real difference is looks.

The driver and the amp are different, so I'm not sure what components the techs consider the same. It would also be a bit odd for Parts Express to make two different models using equivalent parts, yet charge about 30% more for the 1200.
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IMO the 1200 and BIC F12 are outstanding budget second subs. They are great to recommend to friends and to use in a room that isn't your main HT, but once you hear subs that hit flat under 20hz you can never go back.
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Just installed the Dayton Audio HTP-3 sub/sat system that included the Sub-1200 in the kit in my parents front room. This is one of the most smokin' hot deals that I've found in a very long time and after hearing the whole system together I can't recommend it highly enough @ $199 until 4/30/12.

In reference to the Dayton Sub-1200 I have come to the conclusion that it is THE best $129 a person can spend on their home theater system. Period! Is it perfect? Of course not! But it absolutely gets the job done, with enough detail and nuance to make anyone feel like they've spent a whole lot more money than they have. As a matter of fact I plan to purchase another Sub-1200 for my brother-in-law to place in his home theater. When I finished the install in my parent's living room, here's what I heard on a few different blu-rays through a budget 100x7 watt Sony receiver in Dolby THD and DTS-MA: (note: my parent's living room has a sub floor and thick carpeting, so resonance and dampening are at their maximum, and all sat speakers are crossed over @ 120hz, matched with the sub)

The Dark Knight:

This soundtrack is extremely varied in range and dynamics and can push any system to it's absolute limits, which being the first disc I tested made me go running for the sub volume knob! Once I made some fine tuning adjustments I was able to achieve an exceptionally tight, controlled bass response that filled in properly where the sat speakers left off. Specifically, the Harvey Dent transport scene in the middle of the film where Joker attacks the convoy sounded stunning! Joker begins his attack with a Glock auto-pistol, moves up to a sawed-off shotgun, then fires an RPG several times, each time the sub notching up in power and volume. Quite impressive!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I can't impress how amazing these Dolby THD and DTS-MA soundtracks sound when played through a properly set up system! Optimus Prime's initial voice-over has this deep resonant bass tonality while a space battle is taking place, clearly showing how well the sub can handle various sub frequencies simultaneously. And when it needs to get bombastic, the whole room rumbles.


Not the normal "demo" disc in peoples minds, this 1982 film has an exceptionally powerful bass level in the films soundtrack and in the effects. It also was developed on 70mm and has an extremely broad sound field to fill. The Dayton sub-1200 performed admirably with some boominess but overall it made it a very cinematic experience.
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Parts Express has the sub on sale right now for $109. There is a coupon save52012 which knocks it down $5 more. After shipping got the sub for $120. It has not arrived yet, but will post a review on my thoughts when it does. At this price not much to lose, right?
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I ordered two of them, due to arrive on 9/11/12. I am replacing one ancient Paradigm PDR-10 (about 10 years old). I will post my subjective review. People require charts and graphs in order to accept anything said might as well bugger off now, they will save themselves hate and anguish. smile.gif
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I received the two Dayton Audio 1200 subwoofers this morning. Here are my initial thoughts, all comparisons will be done against a single Paradigm PDR-10 Rev 1 (about 10 years old).

1. Having two 12in subs puts out a LOT more sound than one 10in sub. That was a given from the start, though.
2. The bass does feel more even throughout the room. I walked around during a sub heavy movie (the newest Terminator movie where the robot gets blown up by the gasoline tanker but does not die and releases the motorocycle terminators) and the bass did not rise and fall based on where I was standing. That is a what I wanted and am happy it is there.
3. The room is setup still by Audyssey for the single Paradigm subwoofer, but with that in mind I did not hear any difference in the quality of the bass when I played the flying squirrel flight into Chicago scene in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Everything sounded the same, bass wise. I was hoping for better bass, but did not expect it.

I will post more after running Audyssey again with the new subwoofers. Right now, it is mission accomplished and I am happy with these subwoofers.
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What kind of box are you guys putting this into and what amp are you using. I am just getting into this whole DYI sub stuff

EDIT: nevermind, just saw this is already a power sub in box, man that is cheap!
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Just finished calibrating the dual Dayton Audio Sub 1200s via Audyssey XT32 with SubEQ (via an Onkyo 3010). My complete setup is:

Theater room, 24 ft x 12 ft (at the front) and 8 ft (at the back). The room is in the basement and the rear of the room had to be made smaller to avoid putting a sliding glass door halfway into the room. I have two Paradigm Millenium 200s as my front right and left. I have a Paradigm Millenium Trio as my center and I am using the left and right speakers of it connected in parallel to make one larger 4 ohm speaker. My side surrounds are Axiom Onwall M3's, due to the shape of the room I am using two speakers on each wall wired in parallel to make one larger 4 ohm speaker. The rears are Axiom Audio Onwall M2s. The front heights are Axiom Audio Onwall M0s. The subs are obviously two Dayton Audio Sub 1200s, both placed at the front of the room at opposite sides (due to WAF requirements).

Audyssey had me set both subs to the highest filter setting, so it could control the filter instead. It also had me set each sub to 75dB, and did it independantly for each one. Then I ran 7 Audyssey points and each time it operated both subs simultaneously for calibration of the room. Saved the results.

I am pleased with the subs. Bass has evened out in the room nicely - no more softer and louder spots. I did not check everywhere, only the 6 seats and the 2 spots on the floor where kids might sit. The power was enough to vibrate my chest at times, yet not too much to cause a problem upstairs (only lightly heard - but I have a lot of sound proofing going on). If I had several hundred dollars more, I would go with better subs, but for only a little over $200 to get 2 very nice subs, I am very happy.

I have no charts and graphs for you, so I cannot say where the bass drops off, etc. I do know that I am happier with these 2 subs than with my single Paradigm PDR-10 Rev 1...and that is what matters. I have the option of returning these subs and just keeping my current one, but I am not going to, I like the results.

Two Dayton Audio Sub 1200s even out the base in my room while still giving me deep growl and massive explosions that I can feel in my chest.
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On a whim I bought a pair of dayton bookshelf speakers and a small class T 50 watt amp and a sub 1000.
For a desk top system to run my Ipod through. I set up the amp and speakers.

But I thought since I was debateing over to get a sub for my main 2 chanel system(I was looking at a rythmik F12) I would hook the sub 1000 up just to see if I would like to add a sub to this system.

I have to say it blew me away. All I do is 2 chanel no suround sound just CD's and Vinyl.

This thing is great!!!
I got it set up fast and easy. and I got to say this thing is well worth the $109.00.

I know it is made in China but for the price if it last just a few years I'll throw it out and buy a new one.

I listen to jazz, classical, and classic rock. So far it has stood up to what ever I put at it.

Now Im Not saying it would compare to the rythmik.
But how would I know since I do not own one. It may it may not.

The only way to find out is to buy and compare I guess.

My point is I will order another sub 1000 from parts express for the little system I started and keep this one ware it is for now.

I would definetly with out question try one for the price. Good luck and have fun.

My main system is a Marantz pm8004 I use for a pre and a Adcom GFA 5400 for power,
Marantz cd6004 and a rega RP3 TT. With audio quest (cheap) I think G force cables.
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is this sub dayton 1200 a good sub for my Energy RC 70?any idea before i pull the trigger on this sub?
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I own a set of energy c7 towers and just ordered a pair of sub1200s ill let u know the results
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Originally Posted by dugan661 View Post

I own a set of energy c7 towers and just ordered a pair of sub1200s ill let u know the results

If possible please share the results as soon as possible. Thanks.
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