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So I just bought a ZVOX 555 (paired with my philips 42" LCD) and went from using analog RCA and a 5.1 surround sound from the 90s to using digital coaxial and the ZVOX 555 soundbar.

The soundbar is great... BUT after I moved from analog to digital the audio/video sync is off. Basically, the audio comes out 1/4 a second before the video shows. I've messed with the TV settings and disabled all processing it seems to have helped but not completely fixed.

I have all my devices (cable, xbox, bluray player) hooked into the TV using HDMI and then have digital out (coax) to the soundbar. Note, I do not have a receiver in there, I'm using the TV as the middleman. I don't have an option to add a delay to the soundbar either...

Any suggestions/ideas? Do i need to use a receiver in between all of them to make the audio sync?